Corey Graves Discloses How He Is Forming Bonds With Jimmy Smith 

Corey Graves Discloses How He Is Forming Bonds With Jimmy Smith 

As WrestleMania approaches, WWE’s Corey Graves believes he and the rest of the RAW commentary crew are rounding into form. However, he admits that it hasn’t been a simple process. Last May, Jimmy Smith join the RAW commentary crew. He took over for Adnan Virk, who left WWE after only two months on the job. 

Both Smith and Virk were put in difficult situations when they were introduced into WWE as relative outsiders, according to Corey Graves, but Smith has surpassed the expectations of certain fans. Graves discussed the steps he’s taken to strengthen his on-air connection with Smith.

Graves told to source, “I’ve been travelling in automobiles from town to town with Jimmy just to speak, just to kind of get to know one another takes time to establish chemistry.” “Especially with our employment, because Michael Cole and I have collaborated for so long and many times which we can seamlessly finish one other’s sentences.” We don’t have to think, or I know precisely where he’s going, or if I stutter, he understands where I intended to go, and it takes time, often years to create. And with Jimmy, it’s still a work in progress.”

“RAW is a whirlwind,” Graves said.”

Byron Saxton is a major component of the RAW commentary crew, according to Corey Graves. Graves claims that they’ve both had to go above and above to assist Jimmy Smith develop into his job. Graves stated, “Byron is always simply trustworthy.” “Byron is always there for you if you need something; he’s a failsafe in the greatest possible sense.” You can rely on Byron to be wherever he needs to be, to say whatever he needs to say when he needs to say it, and it’s all a work in progress, guy. Jimmy, on the other hand, is still learning. I’m still learning.

“I’ve had to carry a lot more weight than usual.” Normally, I’m a colour guy. I crack jokes and share anecdotes, and I find myself doing far more traffic and pitching packages to packagers, among other things, to ease Jimmy into this new job. As a result, I believe it has forced everybody to up our game.” Outsiders may see WrestleMania as the ultimate test for a WWE commentator, but Corey Graves claims it’s really simpler than an average weekly broadcast in certain aspects.

“RAW is a whirlwind,” Graves said. “There’s a lot of traffic here.” There are advertisements and parcels to be thrown away. WrestleMania in particular is not simple to predict, but it is entertaining because you get lost in it. Despite the fact that I’m Corey Graves, colour commentator, 15-year-old me gets can come out and lend that fandom to where I’m at in life.”

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