Controversies In The 75 Greatest Players Of All-Time List

Controversies In The 75 Greatest Players Of All-Time List

This season the top 75 greatest players of all-time got announced. Only those players are granted to stand on that pedestal who have achieved a lot in their NBA careers. On top of that their impact in the league causes them to be feared and respected at the same time. However not everyone deserving of it has made it into the top 75 players of All-Time list. There are some questionable selections which needs context and there are players who have been snubbed from this honor.

Question Marks

Damian Lillard
Out of all the players who have made it into the list, the most surprising one is the selection of Damian Lillard. No doubt that Lillard is one of the most clutch players in the league and he can take over a game any time he wants to.

But the merit that he accumulated over the years do not compare to other players. Lillard has not seen the NBA Finals even once in his career so far and he doesn’t look any nearer to reaching that stage unless he changes teams. He has neither won MVP, Most Improved Player, scoring, assist or steals title and All Star MVP. His resume pales a lot when compared to other legends.

Carmelo Anthony
‘Playing the league in the same time as LeBron may has brought the hammer down on Carmelo Anthony so he deserves to be in the list’, that’s what the general NBA fans think about Carmelo Anthony. But, Anthony has had some level of success as he has won a scoring title in 2012-13 a time when Durant, LeBron and Kobe was dominating the league.

Yet the fact that Anthony never made the Finals should be taken into account. He has made multiple All-Star appearances but he had never won All-Star MVP. With the eye test you can say that he was one of the best iso-players in the league but he still fails as a leader of the team.

Reggie Miller
Reggie Miller is another player who is a bit of a question mark when he was added to the list. No doubt that he is 3rd in all-time 3-pointers made and was one of a kind in his era. But even with the eye test, his case is a bit shaky.

He made into 5 All-Stars and 5 All-NBA. That’s it. Apart from his 3-pointers, there is not part of the game in which he excels in. He has made only one Finals Appearance and fell to the Lakers in 5 games.


Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard definitely should have made into the list. His resume is way stronger than most of the players who have been selected into the top 75 team. He is an 8-time All-Star, 5-time rebounding Champion, 3-time blocks champion, 8-time All-NBA and 5-time All-Defensive team.

He won the Defensive Player of the Year 3 times and he became the only center since Shaq to lead his team to the NBA Finals. However, he failed to win back then. In 2020 Finals, Howard finally won the NBA Championship which was missing from his resume. Maybe because of how his career fell towards the end that he has been denied of the honor but Howard deserved to be on that list.

Tracy McGrady
McGrady had a short prime compared to the rest of his peers due to the number of times he got injured. However, in his prime, McGrady was an unstoppable force and was the only player to be ever approved by Kobe Bryant for his iso plays.

His resume includes him being a 7-time All-Star, 7-time All-NBA selections and has won the scoring title 2-times. He has also won the Most Improved Player in 2000-01 season. If Lillard could make the list, McGrady should have made it as well.

Kyrie Irving
The last player who should have been in the list but due to his controversies off the court, he was not even considered for the honor. That player is Kyrie Irving. With such enormous talent and hitting so many milestones along the way, Kyrie Irving should have gotten into the list.

His resume includes him winning the Rookie of the Year and the 2013-14 All-Star MVP. He has made the All-Star 7 times and the All-NBA team 3 times. The most annoying fact is that Irving even hit the most important shot in Finals history as his shot over Stephen Curry won him the Cavaliers the Finals. People say that Kyrie couldn’t have won that championship without LeBron but the opposite is also true.

These are some of the controversies involving the top 75 Greatest players of All-Time. Some of them made the list despite not having as much merit while the others did not make it despite their accolades. Of course they have the opportunity to make it in the top 100 list or will they?

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