Constance Wu Tried To End Her Life In 2019 After Twitter Backlash

Constance Wu, The Crazy Rich Asians actress is back on Twitter after three years, and she made some shocking revelations about herself let’s look at what it is.

In the year 2019, Constance Wu faced severe Backlash from Twitteratis because she made a comment on the renewal of her show “Fresh Off The Boats” which led to outrage among users and she faced a lot of criticism.

Her tweet was “so upset right now that I’m literally crying. ugh (with an expletive)”. People called her out for being ungrateful for having such a successful sitcom. Following this Backlash, Constance was off from social media for three years and now when she is back she made a huge revelation.

She said that she has tried to attempt suicide and didn’t feel like living anymore. Yesterday she took to social media to talk about the mental health issues that she faced during these three years. During this time she also wrote a book named “Making a Scene”.

In her note which she shared on her Twitter, she spoke about how she felt bad and awful about the comments she made. She further continued, when received a message from an Asian actress saying that she’d become a blight on the Asian American community. She felt that she doesn’t deserve to live anymore.

Shared by Constance Wu on Twitter

She further continued that her friend found her & saved her life. She shared her story on social media about her struggles and mental health issues. Continuing to this she also added how her book will help people not be scared of imperfection and talk about “uncomfortable stuff”, ” My book is not always the most flattering portrayal, it’s as honest as I know how to be. Because the truth is, I’m not poised or graceful or perfect. I’m emotional. I make mistakes.. lots of ’em!

She concluded her note by saying that even though she was afraid to open up on social media, she owe it to her 3 years back self to be brave and her story might help someone too. She says she feels okay now after a lot of therapy.

Constance was currently seen in Chris Pratt’s Terminal List series. She will also be a part of Lyle Lyle’s Crocodile, the upcoming movie starring her, Shawn Mendes & Javier Bardem.

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