Companies Offer Millions To Sign Lisa of BLACKPINK Before She Renews With YG

The popularity of Lisa from BLACKPINK is no joke. She is the most famous female K-Pop idol in the world, and there is no doubt about that. With over 85 million followers, she is also the most-followed K-Pop star on Instagram. In addition to having global fame as Lisa of BLACKPINK, the 25-year-old K-Pop star also emerged as the successful soloist Lalisa after her official solo debut in 2021. She is currently the K-Pop soloist with the most streamed album and song on Spotify. Therefore, we are not surprised to hear that the Thai K-Pop idol is in demand from Artist Management Companies who are willing to offer millions to get her to sign with them.

Lisa Offered More Than 80 Million Dollars:

BLACKPINK made its debut in 2016 and the group’s contract with YG Entertainment is ending this year. In light of BLACKPINK’s global popularity, most people are expecting all the members to renew with YG. However, not everyone wants that. Lisa’s fans, in particular, are not happy about the Thai idol’s treatment from YG and want Lisa to leave the company. A recent K-media report has stated that Lisa is receiving offers from different countries in SEA before she renews her contract with YG.

“According to the Munhwa Ilbo’s coverage, the process of renewing BLACKPINK’s contract with YG is not expected to be smooth,” the report states. ”¬†This is because the ‘ransom price’ of BLACKPINK, which has been reborn as a global star over the past 7 years, has risen tremendously.”

“An industry insider familiar with the overseas market said, “I know that Lisa, who has an absolute influence in her hometown of Thailand and the Southeast Asian market, is willing to offer a guarantee of 100 billion won in China and other countries.” Considering the size of the market, it is difficult to handle.”

This means SEA-based companies want Lisa to take advantage of her popularity in countries like Thailand, China, and the Philippines. Companies are “willing to offer a guarantee of 100 billion won” to sign Lisa. 100 billion won is equal to roughly 80M US Dollars. The report also estimates that, “YG will have to offer at least 20 billion won in down payment per member in order to catch BLACKPINK.”

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