Colleen Ballinger Reveals She’s Expecting Twins After Miscarriage News

Colleen Ballinger Reveals She’s Expecting Twins After Miscarriage

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Time icon May 21, 2021

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger is expecting twins. The star is best known for her persona Miranda Sings. She revealed that she is expecting double just days after announcing that she is pregnant.

Colleen took to her social media account as she revealed her excitement along with photos of herself, her husband, Erik Stocklin and their son Flynn Timothy. They were holding an image of the ultrasound. She shared the news on her YouTube channel and revealed that she found out the news during what she thought was another miscarriage.

The social media influencer had a miscarriage earlier this year itself before finding out she was pregnant again. She revealed about some concerning complications she faced during a family vacation. This made them rush to the hospital as they expected the worst. “May 5th, 2021 will go down in history books as one of the most intense, weird, emotional, incredible days of my life,” she said.

The YouTuber further added that the last morning of their vacation, she woke up froma nightmare that she was having a miscarriage. This dream really freaked her out because she has never dreamt about having a miscarriage. She shared that she was “on edge” the second she woke up. The influencer revealed that she started bleeding then and it looked exactly like it did when she had her miscarriage.

“It really freaked me out,” she admitted. “I was confident that it was happening again.” After being examined by the doctor, the influencer found out that it was a polyp that her body was trying to expel. “We do an ultrasound and she goes, ‘You’re not having a miscarriage. You’re having twins,’ ” she recalled hearing.

“In a matter of 10 seconds I went from I’m having another loss … to I’m having twins.”

Colleen revealed feeling a mix of emotions in just a short period of time. She said, “In a matter of 10 seconds I went from I’m having another loss … to I’m having twins.” The Youtuber also took her fans to the doctor’s visit. She said in shock that she was crying all morning thinking she had no baby but now she has two.

The doctor assured Ballinger her twins are “strong and healthy” and that her “pregnancy levels are fantastic.” She also revealed the type of twins she is expecting called the DiDi twins. The influencer explained, “I’m having DiDi twins, scientifically known as a dichorionic diamniotic pregnancy.” She added that it means she will not know if they are fraternal or identical until they are born.

Colleen got emotional as she revealed that having twins is really special to her because her late grandfather whom she looked up to is also a twin. She explained that this will be a special bond that she gets to share with him even if he is gone. “It’s a special bond that I get to have with him even though he’s gone,” she said through tears. “And so it feels really, really special and I feel really lucky and I’m really excited. That thought keeps me going in the moments where I’m scared and I feel like my body can’t handle twins.”

The Youtuber had revealed earlier this week about awful it was for her when she miscarried. She shared that she feels grateful that it only took few months for her to get another positve test. The social media influencer explained that she knows there are people out there that try for years and years and continue to test negative.

Colleen added, “This experience of loss and trying to get pregnant and getting pregnant so quickly has opened my eyes to the reality that so many women face all the time.” Ballinger is currently two months along in her pregnancy is due in December.

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