Cole Karter joins AEW Faction ”The Factory”

After AEW Dark: Elevation on Monday, The Factory has a new member. Cole Karter is not officially a member of ”The Factory”. Fans of AEW who wanted to see more of Karter finally got to see him at the recent edition of AEW Dark. Karter was allegedly successful in his singles match versus Mike Orlando when he was seen working the recent YouTube show tapings this past weekend.

Finally joining the team

Karter was presented with the opportunity during last week’s Dark: Elevation, but he turned it down. Then, in singles action on tonight’s episode of Dark: Elevation, Karter defeated Serpentico with a 450 splash from the top rope. Later on in the performance, Lexy Nair spoke with him backstage and questioned him about if he had thought about the faction’s offer. When The Factory entered, Marshall informed Karter that because they are a family, they are not like other wrestling groups. Karter formally joined the dominant group by shaking Marshall’s hand.

Karter’s alliance matches wit previous record

Nick Comoroto, Aaron Solo, and Anthony Ogogo are now joined by Karter. Following his heel flip against Cody Rhodes’ Nightmare Family on the March 30 episode of “Dynamite,” Marshall initially started the gang. Previously, Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan, a member of the D’Angelo family, worked for WWE under the NXT brand. He was fired from the corporation after being written off from television in June due to an unspecified policy breach.

WWE connections

Karter’s first significant exposure really occurred with AEW in 2021, despite the fact that he is most known for his stint in “NXT.” Before joining WWE in January 2022, the 22-year-old West Virginia native competed nine times for the company between “AEW Dark” and “AEW Dark: Elevation,” losing every match. Prior to his dismissal in June, allegedly because of a wellness policy issue, Karter, who played Troy Donovan, would establish himself as a crucial ally of Tony D’Angelo in “NXT 2.0.” Karter was then “killed off” on “NXT” TV, suggesting WWE had no intentions to utilize him again, despite reports that he may be brought back to WWE within a year. Donovan had actually made many AEW appearances before to signing with WWE, using by the ring name Cole Karter. His most notable bout was a 51-second defeat to Anthony Ogogo on a Dynamite edition.

WWE’s insane storyline for him

Early in June, WWE said that it has terminated Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan’s WWE contract as a result of a Wellness Policy infraction. But in the weeks that followed, he kept turning up on WWE’s developmental brand due to NXT 2.0’s taping schedule. On the June 28 episode, that network finally addressed his departure by having Tony D’Angelo imply that Donovan had been “killed” for betraying The Family and that he was now “sleeping with the fishes.”

Cole is excited for AEW

This information makes it unlikely that Karter will receive the infamous “Cole Karter is All Elite!” image just yet, even though the specifics of AEW’s tiered contracts are unknown. Having said that, the former “NXT 2.0” prospect was so enthusiastic about the chance that Fightful observed him on the night itself and informing teammates in the AEW locker room of his agreement.

Cole Karter accepted QT Marshall’s offer to join The Factory during an interview section on last night’s AEW Dark: Elevation.

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