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Cody Rhodes Describes Former WWE Superstar As The Cheapest People 

The action figure reigns supreme in the world of in-game exclusives, NFTs, and other frivolous baubles of nerd culture. Cardona, as per Cody Rhodes, is one of the cheapest people he’s ever encountered, with his favourite saying being Crumbs make Crumbcake. During a WWE/Mattel panel at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, Rhodes revealed that Cardona compensated an ungodly sum for an action figure prototype.

Rhodes stated that he spent $40,000 on a prototype of Rhythm & Blues Greg Valentine. Cardona, like so many figure shareholders, usually sells the action figures he purchases for a profit, but Rhodes as well as the SDCC panel all agreed that $40K was a bit much for one toy, particularly in light of the former NWA Champion’s private financial difficulties. Cody joked, “So you can’t pay for a bar tab.” Can’t you have a sip at EPCOT?

However, you could indeed pay for Rhythm & Blues. Greg? It’s all a jumble. To be honest to Cardona, the figure that Cody is razzing him about was characterised as his holy grail by Cardona, as the authentic Rhythm & Blues version of Greg The Hammer Valentine never was released in stores and only three exist in the world. The image has since been replicated.

Through the Major Wrestling Figures podcast, Cardona has turned his wrestling figure obsession into not only a lucrative trade, but also a community for action figure collectors. Cardona is recovering from bicep surgery after having to relinquish the NWA World Heavyweight Championship earlier this year due to a torn bicep.

Cody Rhodes unexpected appearance

Cody Rhodes made an unexpected appearance on Busted Open Radio on July 15 to provide an update on his recovery from a torn pec injury suffered prior to the Hell in a Cell premium live event. Rhodes drew attention by continuing to compete at the show, trouncing Seth Freakin Rollins in a Hell in a Cell Match once undergoing successful surgery just days later.

While confirming that no timetable for his return is currently in place, WWE has stated that he is out of action for 9 months – Rhodes revealed some details about an upcoming WWE project that he was working on before his major setback. A small spoiler. WWE has been doing a short film on me, presumably for Peacock, for the past year, I don’t know if it was a year, but since WrestleMania, Rhodes told the Sirius XM show. They were filming this documentary when my titty exploded, and the documentary was drastically altered.

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