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CoComelon Season 3 To Release On Netflix On 1st Of June 2021

Kids will be thrilled (parents may not be happy) that another series of CoComelon episodes will find their way to Netflix worldwide for season 3 of the show which will be aired on June 1, 2021.

We are not sure how many new episodes of CoComelon will hit Netflix worldwide on June 1 but if it is the same for the first two seasons, it will be three-hour episodes in the series.

One Of The Longest Running Shows

The show continues to amaze as it is one of the longest running shows in Netflix’s top 10s.

As of May 16, 2021 the show has appeared in the top 10 US lists for 258 days. Listed in the UK’s top 10 list for 98 days. The exhibition works very well in the Middle East regions.

If you’ve not been introduced to CoComelon yet, here’s what you can expect:

“Exploration, education and celebration keep the learning party going for baby J.J. as he makes new discoveries with his fun-loving family and friends.”

Widely Popular

The addition to Netflix certainly did not affect the popularity of the series on YouTube.

The channel is still receiving 3 billion views a month (which is not a mistake typo) according to SocialBlade with a recent subscription number of 100 million subscribers. We do not have the same Netflix statistics unfortunately.

Transition To Netflix

The show has also been added to Hulu’s list (owned by Disney). U til now it has not made its way to Disney + yet. Prime Video still hosts 6 seasons of the show but most episodes contain only two minutes of each content so it’s not a good comparison.

It’s not the only kid’s show from YouTube to make the transition over to Netflix. Pinkfong is a well-established YouTube brand that saw Baby Shark’s Space Adventure drop onto Netflix recently with LooLoo Kids making a similar transition.

Are you expecting a lot of CoComelon episodes on Netflix or are you dreaded?

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