Coca Cola’s Former Head Of Design James Sommerville Builds Today’s Modern Creative Guild

With the expansion of the digital marketplace has come widespread fractionalization. 

Hiring top professionals in any category has become more complex (rather than easier) and often left up to headhunters to do it. 

One entrepreneur, however, is making headway to disrupt this, at least for creatives. 

Enter James Sommerville, the co-founder of the legendary ATTIK design agency, who in 2019 launched his new venture Known Unknown to build a modern guild of creators that brands and companies could easily access and engage for projects. 

While the platform offers brands a marketplace of top creators to pick from, it also empowers creators with the newfound capabilities to connect with eachother, to learn about new emerging design philosophies, and to team up for projects. \

According to Sommerville “I founded this project because I knew there were so many unappreciated and untapped artists out there,” explains Sommerville. “And I wanted to see whether I could bring this unknown army to work on global brands. It’s just a way of giving these unknown voices a stage for their creativity, storytelling, messaging, typography, or illustration.”

Today Known Unknown has blossomed into a worldwide powerhouse, opening offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Leeds, and London and providing thousands of creative entrepreneurs as well as brands a turnkey, specialized creative design marketplace. 

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