Cobra Kai's Xolo Mariduena Set To Star As DC's Blue Beetle; Makes Fans Happy

Cobra Kai’s Xolo Mariduena Set To Star As DC’s Blue Beetle; Makes Fans Happy

DC fans have been waiting for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie and talk about the character of Blue Beetle has been trending. As per The Wrap, Cobra Kai’s Xolo Mariduena is reportedly negotiating with Warner Bros. And this is for portraying the Latino DC Superhero in an HBO Max movie.

The exclusive of the entertainment portal also revealed that Puerto Rican filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto is going to direct the venture. Blue Beetle is said to be written by Mexican native Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer. Both Warner Bros. and DC have been taking bold steps to make the casting diverse.

This includes Leslie Grace being cast as Batgirl and Sasha Calee playing Supergirl in the upcoming Flash movie. Blue Beetle is the superhero mantle that is held by three characters. The first iteration was Dan Garrett, an archaeologist who receives the powers from an ancient alien blue beetle from Egypt.

Dan was followed by another, Ted Kord, the second character who was called the Blue Beetle. The most recent iteration of Blue Beetle is Jaime Reyes. Jaime has been set to become one of the first Latino superheroes on-screen.

The character was initially introduced in 2006’s Infinite Crisis Vol 1 #3. Jamie was a teenager in El Paso, Texas and ended up with mystical blue beetle which gave Dan his powers. Reyes ended up with the Scarab, who is also known as Khaji Da. It is an ancient alien technology made by an alien race, Reach.

Ted Kord had lost the Scarab at the wizard Shazam’s base. After the death of Shazam, the scarab ended up in Texas where Jaime found it. The blue beetle activates an armour around Jaime’s body, giving him abilities like flight, super durability, super strength, mechanokinesis, and more. While the armour also offers him weapons that have sound-based abilities and energy (plasma) blasts.

Fans who have seen Xolo in the Karate Kid spin-off, Cobra Kai was excited about his casting in the upcoming venture. Many fans said it was the “perfect” casting. Xolo will be expected to match fans’ expectations as he has already made clear with his previous role.

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