CM Punk

CM Punk Opens Up About Vince McMahon’s WWE Retirement 

The news of Vince McMahon’s retirement from WWE and Triple H’s promotion to Head of Creative has piqued the interest of fans and wrestlers alike, with many believing that the drastic company restructuring will facilitate changes to both WWE’s work culture and the creative direction of their programming.

AEW World Champion CM Punk, on the other hand, remains as negative as ever. In a new interview, Punk mocked the idea of McMahon relinquishing control of WWE, implying that his former boss will keep running the company from behind the scenes.

Do you believe that because Vince McMahon tweeted, ‘I’m retired,’ he won’t be hands-on or run the show? Punk inquired in response to a query about McMahon’s retirement. Sure, we’re all hoping for a change, but I don’t think the structure there…whatever word I’m looking for…is in place. I don’t believe the culture there has changed at all.

Punk compare WWE’s handling of Sasha Banks and Naomi’s recent walkouts

Punk then tried to compare WWE’s handling of Sasha Banks and Naomi’s recent walkouts to Brock Lesnar’s. People will be furious, but f-k it, Punk said. Mercedes Sasha Banks & Trinity Naomi end up leaving, and they say on SmackDown, Gosh god damn, we’re so displeased in them, they kind of let our people down. Brock splits, obviously returns, and I believe he ended up working the show SmackDown, and where was Michael Cole telling, Man, Brock Lesnar kind of let these fans down?

They went on National television and called me a quitter after I walked out. What has altered? Punk inquired. What’s the distinction? You’re going to attack these two poor f—-ing women even though they got tired and walked? They’ve got more balls than everyone else.

So, what has changed, you ask? Nothing has changed significantly. “There are people who talk about it and people who do it,” Punk proceeded. The people who lick their boots and have the temerity to say that about those two women on live television? They’re f—-ng wimps and scumbags. That s-t is absurd. Why didn’t people do the same for Brock? You know how they ‘ve done it for me? Punk concluded, I don’t know, it’s none of my business.


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