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Clout Cats NFT Collection- Everything You Should Know

NFTs have been the talk of the town lately. And one of the most promising project of early 2022 seems to be the ‘Clout Cats NFT’ project. Based on top of the Ethereum blockchain, this NFT project is gaining a lot of traction in the industry lately. But what is the Clout Cats NFT all about? Here is everything you need to know about it:

NFTs stand for Non-Fungible Tokens. These are, in layman’s language, digital art collections that are bought and sold with the name of the owner recorded in a public ledger on the blockchain.

What Is Clout Cats NFT

According to the official website of the project, Clout Cats is an upcoming NFT collection that includes 5,000 generative pixel cats that have ‘purchased a one way ticket to the moon’. In short, the NFT collection will sell 5,000 NFTs that will be more or less unique digital art pieces of cats. The collection goes live on 15 January, 2022.

So what makes them so special?

Clout Cats NFT Phase 1

Currently, the NFT project is in phase 1 development. The first phase of the project comprises of discord launch, NFT designing, onboarding influencers, selling out the project, announcing prize winners, and revealing the utilities of the NFT.

At the time of writing this article, only the Discord launch and NFT designing tasks have been completed successfully.

What Will Be Phase 2 and Phase 3?

The phase 2 of project will include:

  • Merch with NFTs on it
  • $280,000 community fund
  • Entry to Metaverse
  • Onboarding hodlers to core team

And the final phase 3 of the project will see:

  • Casino metaverse integrations
  • Sports car giveaway
  • Cat Charity
  • Hodlers Meetup
  • And more

Best Early NFT Of 2022

The official Twitter handle of the project has revealed that Clout Cats NFT has been named as the best NFT project of early 2022.

Early supporters of the project have been impressed by the core team behind the project and the overall phases which have been planned out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.) Where will the NFT collection launch?

Ans.) The collection will be available on the famous NFT marketplace Opensea.

2.) How can one contact the support team of the project?

Ans.) Via the official Clout Cats NFT Discord channel

3.) When will the project launch?

Ans.) On 15.01.2022

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