Ciro Jewelry: History, Innovation, Sustainability, Social Consciousness

Individual expression, whether it is artistic, entrepreneurial, or otherwise, is essential to a meaningful life. Regardless of one’s background, upbringing, or interests, every human has a unique and individual identity they cannot help but express in some way. Many philosophers have posited that the most sustainable way to achieve happiness is by critically engaging with one’s true self and authentic passions.

Throughout history, jewelry has been an integral aspect of all cultures as the wearable art has represented spirituality, fashion sense, wealth, and much more in different contexts. Beyond its historical and cultural significance, the jewelry industry is an evergreen business with impressive market size of 249.92 billion USD in 2021.

Ciro Jewelry is an established brand disrupting the jewelry industry with its commitment to quality materials, reasonable prices, modern designs, and environmentally & socially conscious practices. As a brand with a deep historical connection to the world of jewelry, Ciro prides itself on its high-class and sophisticated customer service. Ciro is not quite traditional jewelry and not quite fashion jewelry, sitting at the intersection of both markets. Emphasizing quintessential and timeless designs, the Ciro brand is the same as a traditional jewelry brand, except for the materials.

Ciro Jewelry specializes in creating high-quality jewelry without using precious gemstones and diamonds, using more affordable alternatives. Ciro typically uses gold-plated silver for the metal and cubic zirconia or nano emerald for the stones. For the first time in history, Ciro is starting to offer 14 karat gold with moissanite stone or 18 karat gold with ‘lab diamonds’ in addition to their traditional offerings. While this may sound simple to the layperson, industry experts understand that these alternative stones and diamonds are true competitors to real diamonds and the diamond industry in general. These strategic decisions have enabled Ciro to separate itself from the pack, creating chic designs comparable to designer jewelry that are priced reasonably and accessible to the average consumer. Ciro Jewelry has an unparalleled ability to create eye-catching pieces that are suitable to be worn every day, instead of waiting in a safe to be worn 3 times a lifetime. Simply put, Ciro Jewelry is luxurious, stylish, and comfortable.

Founded in London in 1917, the Ciro Jewelry name is a mainstay, legendary, brand in the industry. In fact, Ciro was one of the first predecessors of the thriving fashion jewelry market we know today. Having changed ownership multiple times, the brand was revived across Europe in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland in 2006. Now, with a reinvigorated spirit, an experienced management team, and an international reach to over 40 countries, Ciro Jewelry is leading the way in stylish yet affordable jewelry made with sustainable materials and practices. The Ciro team is committed to honoring the brand’s history as a pioneer in the jewelry industry by continuing to disrupt, innovate, and push the industry forward over 100 years later

The Ciro brand has three lines and within each line, various collections that are segmented by the type of life events the pieces are most suited for. On average, Ciro releases a new collection from within one of the lines every six months or so. First, Ciro has a widely popular ‘First Love’ line targeted at young people that are purchasing their first piece of jewelry. The line is known for its very fine and delicate small pieces. Second, Ciro has a ‘Black Tie’ line perfect for black tie events, balls, soirees, weddings, et cetera. With various collections focusing on pear shape cuts, emeralds, white stones, and so on, the Black Tie line is the most luxurious and flashy of the Ciro lines. Third, Ciro has a ‘Cocktail’ line that is more glamorous than the ‘First Love’ line, yet less opulent than the ‘Black Tie’ line. The Cocktail line has pieces that can class up everyday outfits and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Beyond threading the needle on affordable yet timeless jewelry, Ciro Jewelry is more sustainable than traditional luxury jewelry brands. Due to the Ciro Jewelry team’s strategic decision to use alternatives to precious gemstones, they are not only able to produce their jewelry via environmentally friendly materials and practices, but they are also driving more socially conscious practices into an industry wrought with social and political issues. By using these alternative stones, Ciro can completely bypass the wasteful, corrupt, and inhumane practices that unfortunately exist in diamond mines and the industry at large. Furthermore, Ciro is exploring how they can exclusively use gold that is certified as ‘Fairtrade’

In addition to striking a chord with the everyday consumer, Ciro is resonating with popular social media influencers across all demographics and psychographics. Reviving its brand for the modern age, the Ciro team has intelligently invested in social media marketing and e-commerce opportunities. Beyond its popularity – and commitment to making a difference, leading by example – Ciro Jewelry pieces have been seen on celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, and Julianne Moore.

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