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Christina Perri Announces She is Pregnant, Six Months After Miscarriage

Christina Perri announces that she is pregnant, six months after suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage.

The singer announced the good news with a collage of her daughter, Carmella. The baby girl was wearing a big sister T-shirt in the picture as she smiled and posed acting like she is surprised. Christina captioned the beautiful collage writing that Carmella is going to be a big sister. She further said that her rainbow baby is due in January 2021.

The images of Carmella shows how excited she is to be a big sister. The two-year-old held a pair of rainbow-colored baby boots. The endearing post immediately got heartwarming responses with dozens of well-wishes from her fans.

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Christina’s husband, Paul Costabile, also took to Instagram and shared a solo picture of Carmella. He captioned the image saying his little family is growing. Paul wrote,  ‘Surprise !! Our little fam is growing. New bambino/bambina coming January.’ He further retweeted Christina’s post on Twitter.

Christina’s Miscarriage

In January, Christina announced her miscarriage in a heartbreaking message that she posted on her social media handle. She admitted to feeling heartbroken and shocked but assured that she is not ashamed or discouraged. The singer began with the news of her miscarriage saying the baby was 11 weeks old. She revealed she was just one week away from announcing it to the world, so she feels it is important to share this news too.

Christina said she wants to continue to help change the story and stigma around miscarriage, secrecy, and shame. She further added that she is sad but not ashamed. She said it reminded of how amazing and powerful women are at making life and at healing.

The singer further wrote, ‘To all the mothers who have been here and who will be here, I see you and I love you. I am so sad but not discouraged.’  She concluded her post with hope and peace revealing that when the time feels right the couple will try again. Christina said but for the moment they will grieve the loss of the little life.

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The singer got engaged to Paul in 2017. Paul is a TV host and entertainment reporter. The couple went on to tie the knot later that year in December. Christina announced that she is expecting her first child with Paul in August 2017. The pair welcomed their daughter the following year in January.

Paul took to social media when their first child was born. He welcomed his baby revealing the name of their daughter, Carmella Stanley Costabile. Paul said it is the greatest gift they have ever known. ‘Mom and our little principessa are doing great. Dad can’t stop crying!’ he joked.

Her Struggle With Postpartum Depression

Christina later revealed to People magazine about her struggle with postpartum depression after her newborn’s birth. She revealed she stopped breastfeeding around Christmas and she felt sad and dark. Christina said that women are almost made to pretend that they have everything under control.

‘That got me the hardest when I stopped breastfeeding around Christmas. I was so sad and so dark,’ she explained. ‘We’re almost made to pretend it’s not happening, like, “It’s fine. I’ve got this.”‘

We wish good health and happiness to Christina and her baby.

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