Chris Paul: The Biggest Choker In The NBA Playoffs History!

Chris Paul: The Biggest Choker In The NBA Playoffs History!

The NBA has witnessed a lot of great players who have done their utmost best in everything in order to capture a ring that would cement their legacies. But it is not meant for everyone to win the championship as there is either someone better than you or they are really unlucky when it comes to post-season run. One of those players falling under that category is Chris Paul.

Chris Paul’s resume

Chris Paul is highly regarded as the one of the best point guards the league has ever seen. His disposition on the court as a floor general is impeccable. His ability to make plays for his team and leading them, has earned the respect of his predecessors, his peers and the future generations.

In the regular season, Chris Paul has helped set up franchise records for all of the teams he has played in so far. His resume includes him being a 12-times All-Star, 10-times All NBA and 9-times All-Defensive Team. He also has 4 Assist Titles, 6 Steals Titles, Rookie of the Year and an All-star MVP under his belt. He also got honored being a part of the 75 Greatest Players of All-Time.

With so many accolades and achievements under his belt, it is no wonder he is so feared. But, the one thing which cements a great player’s legacy is a champion which Chris Paul never got. In fact, his playoff resume looks the exact opposite of his regular seasons’.

The Journey so far

In his 17 seasons in the NBA, Paul has reached the Playoffs 14 times but he hasn’t won even once. In his years with the New Orleans Hornets, it is acceptable as he was still in his early phase of his career and had no other notable All-Star to work with.

However, Paul got the stigma of being a choker primarily during his days with the Los Angeles Clippers and it has continued to follow on since then. He blew multiple 2-0 lead and 3-1 lead in the series. Paul holds the abysmal record of blowing multiple 2-0 leads in NBA history and it isn’t even close.

He completely disappears on his teams when they needed him the most. It’s not always like that. He will have tremendous games in which he will go all out and perform at his best but in crucial moments he will put up such abysmal record that it is sometimes hard to even watch.

Not only that, Chris Paul also has a track record of getting injured most of the time in the Playoffs than the regular season. In every Playoffs, he has had injuries at least once. It is understandable that injuries cannot be controlled but if it happens in such a frequency, then that means you aren’t doing proper conditioning of your body.

Paul did not see the Conference Finals till he was in the Houston Rockets and he might have helped Harden get over the Warriors if not for his injury. That was considered Paul’s best chance to win the championship until last year.

This Playoffs

He reached the Finals for the first time in his career but Giannis stopped him in his tracks. In that series, Paul was having an amazing series until Game 4 when he started choking again. Giannis and the Bucks took control and they won the Championship.

Many considered that Paul would never get a chance like that. However, the Suns went on a rampage in the regular season as they claimed the 1st seed in the Western Conference. The hype for the Suns making another run came into play.

They were doing so by first beating the New Orleans Pelicans where Paul had one of the best playoff performances of his career. Then when they moved on to the next round, everyone expected that they will be able to beat the Mavericks.

It seemed so till Game 4 and then again Chris Paul disappeared. The series was pushed to Game 7 where the Suns had the worst performance by a team in Game 7 in Playoffs history. That just shows that Chris Paul has touched the highest of highs but he also had the lowest of lows as well.

With his window closing, there might only be just a last push left in Paul for a championship. It is to be seen with what preparation Chris Paul comes with. Will he be able to touch the summit or will he be ringless for his entire career?

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