Chris Jericho Teases Returning To WWE To Resume Old Storyline

Chris Jericho Teases Returning To WWE To Resume Old Storyline

Chris Jericho of AEW has hinted at a possible return to WWE in the future.

Kevin Owens updated his Twitter profile image on Sunday to mark the five-year anniversary of his legendary “Festival of Friendship” segment with Jericho on the February 13, 2017 broadcast of RAW.

In reaction, Jericho stated that he has yet to recover from Owens’ betrayal five years ago. Jericho previously indicated that WWE’s treatment of his WrestleMania 33 battle versus Owens had a role in his departure from the company.

“I wasn’t happy with that match because they had us on second at that WrestleMania, which was the writing on the wall that they didn’t care about the feud,” Jericho said last year on talkSport. “That was one of the best feuds that was originally meant to lead to the main event of WrestleMania, and then it ends up on second.”

“I just knew it was time for me to go [from WWE]. Little did I know I’d be gone forever, seemingly, but that’s how it goes”. Chris Jericho had signed a three-year deal with AEW in January 2019. As per Dave Meltzer, there is a one-year option in Jericho’s contract that will keep him with the organization until 2022.

It is unclear whether “Le Champion” has agreed to a contract extension with AEW. Meanwhile, WWE recently re-signed Kevin Owens. The contract is expected to be for three years, keeping Owens with until 2024 with WWE. Owens’ new deal did not include a no-cut clause.

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