Chris Dickinson Decided To Withdraw From GCW Event After Allegations of Domestic Abuse

Chris Dickinson Decided To Withdraw From GCW Event After Allegations of Domestic Abuse

Chris Dickinson has withdrawn from Saturday’s GCW, In Too Deep event after independent wrestler Christina Von Eerie accused him of domestic abuse.

Dickinson released a statement on Twitter on Friday: I have decided to withdraw from Saturday’s GCW event in Atlantic City. I don’t want to be a nuisance to my classmates.

The accusations levelled against me by an ex partner seem to be false, and they include numerous defamatory allegations that will be addressed in due course. I do not desire to participate in open debate on this subject. Instead, I intend to exhaust all legal options available to me in order to clear my name.

Von Eerie tried to accuse Dickinson of violent abuse on social media earlier this week. Chris was constantly degrading and insulting her and her work, she posted on Facebook. He despised observing my matches and therefore would rip myself apart and mock me.

This deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t even observe my own fights back by myself. I started to cringe when I saw myself. I was gradually coming to believe that all of the horrible, mean things he was saying were true.

Things began to get violent, according to the post. He would push me, restrain me, prevent me from getting to the door, and even pull me off the door and throw me on the mattress or the floor. He threw and broke things.

Von Eerie also discussed an incident that resulted in a physical assault

I tried several times to take the phone from his grasp, she wrote. I was finally able to obtain it. That was when Chris smacked me. He slapped me across the face so hard that my ear started ringing, and my mouth was busted open and bleeding enough that I was spitting blood. I had such a black eye, swelled up and separated lips, and a bruised corner of my mouth. He has been, in fact, speaking to his ex, and there was something he definitely didn’t want me to see.

He grabbed his number back, but I never got to see or learn what he was hiding. It had to be bad enough for him to feel the need to physically assault a 130-pound 24-year-old woman; there were even times when intimacy was physically painful for me. Just putting up with it when he realised he was actually harming me.

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