Chief Selector Chetan Sharma echoes Ganguly's statement on Kohli's captaincy

Chief Selector Chetan Sharma echoes Ganguly’s statement on Kohli’s captaincy

Indian Cricket Cheif Selector Chetan Sharma has issued a statement that has further added a twist to the whole Indian captaincy saga. Everyone present in the meeting had asked Virat Kohli to reconsider stepping down as India’s T20I captain before the T20 World Cup began, he said on Friday. This statement of his comes as a support and backing to Ganguly’s statement.
Breaking from the recent tradition of announcing squads via press releases, Chetan featured in a press conference today to name the ODI squad for the three-match series in South Africa. He was asked if Kohli was indeed asked to not give up the T20I captaincy when he informed that decision to the board and the selectors just before the T20 World Cup.
We were shocked by Kohli’s decision but we respected it – Chetan Sharma
“When the meeting started, it was a surprise for everybody,” Chetan said. “Because the World Cup is upon you and you hear this news, what will be the reaction of a normal person? Everyone who was present in the meeting asked him to reconsider, to rethink; ‘we can talk about this after the World Cup’. All the selectors felt this could affect the performance in the World Cup. It was told to Virat for the sake of Indian cricket to please continue as captain.
“It was told to him by everybody available in the meeting. All convenors were there, board officials were there. Everybody said that. Who will not say that when you hear such a news? You will be in shock. What will be your instant reaction? It was a matter of the World Cup. We thought let’s talk after the World Cup. We told Virat the World Cup is upon us, and everybody requested let’s talk after the World Cup.
“But he has his plans. We have to respect his decision. If someone has taken a decision, and he said in the media also, that he was thinking [along these lines] from the time of WTC, but at that time everybody told him to think about it.”
Finally, Chetan Sharma concluded by stressing that the main goals of everyone involved in selection is to keep Indian Cricket on top. “The main goal for everybody is the same: to keep India on top. We don’t want controversies,” Chetan said. “That is the reason we don’t come out. Our job is to select the team, make sure the best guy goes and plays for the country. When these controversies happen, it makes us sad as cricketers.”

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