Chetan Sharma answers Reports of Rift between Virat and Rohit

Chetan Sharma answers Reports of Rift between Virat and Rohit

BCCI is indeed going out of the way to clear their image after the poor handling of ODI Captaincy change. This can be seen from the latest press conference held by the Chief Selector of Indian Cricket – Chetan Sharma. Usually, squads for the upcoming series are announced via press releases, but Chetan Sharma decided to feature in a press conference to address the problems regarding Indian Cricket.

One of the problems frequently reported in recent years is the existence of a Rift between Virat and Rohit. While the two star-studded players have always denied of such unhealthy relations, media houses keep reporting them anyways. In fact, Virat, while addressing the press conference after being sacked from ODI captaincy, said that he was “tired” of answering this question.

I laugh at such reports – Chetan Sharma on Reports of Rift between Kohli and Rohit

Chief Selector Chetan Sharma’s response was no different than that of Kohli. He quashed such reports of rift. Asked if they planned to have Kohli and Rohit sit down to iron things out, Chetan said, “But about what? Things are absolutely fine. That’s why I was saying don’t go by speculations. We’re all cricketers first and selectors later. There is nothing between them.

“Sometimes I read reports about them and laugh. I’m telling you there is such good planning between them about the future. Things are fantastic. If you were in my place, you would have enjoyed watching how these guys are working together as a team and family and a unit. It’s really saddening when people make up things like that. So please, leave controversies behind in 2021. Let’s talk about how to make them the best team.”

“The main goal for everybody is the same: to keep India on top. We don’t want controversies,” Chetan said. “That is the reason we don’t come out. Our job is to select the team, make sure the best guy goes and plays for the country. When these controversies happen, it makes us sad as cricketers. We don’t want to hide anything. Those who do something wrong usually hide things. We’re not hiding anything.”

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