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Chetan Bhagat gets candid with Naina More on Zindagi Aapki Hai

With interesting celebrities, and endless inspirational chats, Celebrity motivational speaker, Naina More’s show, Zindagi Aapki Hai has caught the attention of the masses. The show is on its sixth episode, and the latest celebrity guest is India’s most sought-after author, Chetan Baghat.

The episode proved to be yet another hit, and both Naina More, and Chetan Baghat’s fans seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show. During the live chat show, Naina spoke to Chetan about his success and struggle story, and he shared some rather deep insights into his writing career. The duo got along very well, and with Chetan being a motivational speaker as well, the viewers got their double dose of inspiration.

At one point, Naina asked Chetan what he’d call his autobiography if he had one. He said he’d call it ‘God’s own pen’. Naina then cleverly implied that when he writes, there’s some kind of higher power that guides him, to which he agreed, “Yes! I don’t know where my stories come from, and in India my books are the highest selling. So, it’s not like other writers don’t write good, but somewhere, there’s God’s hand is on me. That’s why- God’s own pen.”

The episode was thoroughly enjoyed by the viewers, and Naina’s fans are now looking forward to the next episode which will star director Madhur Bhandarkar on Friday at 9 p.m. on Naina More’s Instagram handle, @nainamoreofficial.


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