Checkout BTS Taehyung’s Adorable Reaction After Receiving A Note From A Fan On Jinny’s Kitchen

BTS’s V, also known as Kim Taehyung, received a heartwarming surprise on the latest episode of “Jinny’s Kitchen,” a popular South Korean variety show. During the episode, a fan of BTS from Mexico visited the restaurant where V was working and left a short note expressing her love for him.

The note was discovered by Lee Seo Jin, the host of the show, who passed it on to V. Upon reading the note, V was visibly elated and expressed his joy with a big smile. Fans and netizens were quick to notice the adorable interaction between V and his fan, with many taking to social media to express their delight.

The fan’s simple yet heartfelt gesture touched the hearts of many, with some commenting that she was a true ARMY (BTS’s fandom) for leaving a note instead of trying to approach V directly. Others praised her for being considerate and not wanting to inconvenience V while he was working.

The episode of “Jinny’s Kitchen” quickly went viral, with fans sharing clips of V’s reaction to the note on social media. The video received an outpouring of love and support, with many fans expressing their admiration for V’s humility and kind-heartedness.

This heartwarming moment between Taehyung and his fan is a proof of the strong connection that V has with his global fanbase. Taehyung has always been vocal about his appreciation for his fans, and his fans, in turn, have shown unwavering support for the idol.

Overall, this moment on “Jinny’s Kitchen” serves as a reminder of the positive impact that BTS V and his music have had on people’s lives around the world. It’s clear that V’s message of love and unity has resonated deeply with his fans, and moments like these only serve to strengthen that bond.


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