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Chayce Beckham Named The Winner Of American Idol Season 19 – Everything You Need To Know

We finally have a winner after a season filled with anticipation and excitement!

Chayce Beckham has been crowned the deserving winner of the 19th season of ‘American Idol’ during the final episode on May 23.

The Final Episode

The end of season 19 of the show was broadcasted live on May 23, with Chayce Beckham receiving the most viewer votes to be declared as the winner.

He beat his fellow finalists, Grace Kinstler, who came third, and Willie Spence, who was the runner-up for this season. After his amazing victory, here is something else you need to know about Chayce that you probably weren’t aware of.

Chayce Has Been Through Very Hard Times

A year before Chayce was auditioned for American Idol it was not easy.

“I’ve been through a lot,” he said during his audition. “It has always been a roller coaster. My whole life revolved around it, and I returned home with my parents.

”Although Chayce did not specify what happened, his mother was emotional as she spoke further about the situation. “He had been in a dark place for a while and was drinking and feeling inadequate and wondering if he had had enough,” she explained. “

Chayce Is A Former Member Of Reggae Music Band

Before Chayce started singing solo, Chayce was in a reggae music group.

He has brought a very different sound to American Idol, however, since his interview, where he sang “What Brings Life Also Kills” by Kolton Moore and Clever Few.

“I just started playing my acoustic guitar and posted on my Instagram singing my own songs that I didn’t want to take to the band – things I felt were out of place, but I loved playing with them,” Chayce explained.

“That is what brought me here. I just started doing my own thing. ”

He Was A Heavy Machinery Worker

Chayce gave fans a hint on his career during his American Idol audition.

“I have been working for this company for three years,” he said. “We rent very well everything related to construction. I am like living the dreams of every little child. I play with big Tonka trucks all day! ”Footage showed him working on one of the machines, too.

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