Chase Morman Builds Successful Music Marketing Agency At 16 News

Chase Morman Builds Successful Music Marketing Agency At 16

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Time icon May 1, 2020

What were you doing at 13 years of age? Playing with friends or riding your bike? I bet you weren’t starting a successful digital marketing company.

At just 13 years of age, Chase Morman took a massive leap of faith and started his digital marketing agency for musicians and artists. Supported by his parents, Chase used his understanding of social media to contact potential clients, and soon the business started taking off.

So, what has been the key to Chase’s success? Patience. It took over three weeks to establish a name, logo, and brand identity before finally settling on Chillspot.

“In my opinion, it is [branding] one of the most important things to master. If you can choose the right name and find/make the right logo to fit, you’re set.”

Chase passionately believes that it’s essential to find a name that your audience can relate to. He decided on the name Chillspot because he saw his platform as a ‘chill spot to market your music’ and this is relatable to his audience.

The first challenge Chase faced when setting up Chillspot was the absence of a website. Multiple social media profiles were directing potential clients to Chillspot’s Instagram page, but without a website, it was hard to secure new clients. Determination and hard work lead to Chillspot’s first client and with the money made from that client Chase were able to set up his first website.

“Getting my first client felt amazing. It drove me to work harder and helped me tune out all the people who told me I couldn’t do it.”

Investing wisely, Chase purchased the domain Purchasing the domain and setting up the website gave him credibility. Potential clientele started to take notice, and business started to pick up so much that staff were hired to help with sales.

Unfortunately, this led to a particularly important lesson in business: not everyone cares about your business as much as you do. This wasn’t going to deter Chase. He had already come so far by himself, so he decided to continue working alone.

Fast forward to now, sixteen years of age with a new website,, and business has never been better. Chillspot is managing the likes of Atari Jones and Dimillio, and have services available to help aspiring artists go mainstream.

“My passion lies in Digital Marketing & Social Media. I work around the clock, along with my team, to ensure that every client exceeds the targets set in their initial strategy. At the end of the day, I want to provide an experience and results that make clients want to come back time and time again.”

All of the music promotion and social media marketing is organic and real. There are no tricks or cheats, just real music being promoted to real people. It’s all part of Chillspots’ mission to provide a great experience and tangible results. 

It’s hard to believe that this successful multi-national marketing agency that all started with a 13-year-old boy has grown the level of popularity that it has. Chase has now trained and employed a small team to help him with growing demand.

You can find out more about Chillspot and what they can do for you by visiting Check out the shop to find a service that will help you achieve your music or social media goals. And while you’re there read about the success of musician Atari Jones, an underground artist who is making big waves in the music and movie scene right now and one of Chillspots most successful artists. 

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