Charles Barkley fed up of talking continuously of the losers "lakers"

Charles Barkley fed up of talking continuously of the losers “lakers”

Charles Barkley is undoubtedly one of the most popular analysts in the NBA today. The 1993 NBA MVP has found immense success in his post-NBA career, becoming an NBA analyst for TNT. Barkley has been the spearhead for Inside The NBA on TNT, as he continuously delivers insightful points mixed with hilarious comments.

And after the Los Angeles Lakers’ humiliating defeat to the LA Clippers, Barkley hilariously gave up on the 17-time NBA Champions. Barkley didn’t want to say the word Lakers, calling them ‘the team from Southern California’ for the rest of his rant. Barkley even termed the Lakers as losers and questioned why everyone in the media continues talking just about them. He’s right though because most of the media houses cover only Lakers’ news, not giving enough coverage to other big teams.

Barkley was one of the many people to criticize the Los Angeles Lakers after their poor outing to the Clippers. NBA fans slammed the Los Angeles Lakers for their miserable performance, noting how weak they have become since their 2020 NBA Championship win.

I will speak about ‘them’ only when they begin to win matches – Barkley

Frustrated over another poor show by the Lakers’, Barkley said, The Clippers and the team from Southern California. I’m not talking about these damn losers. Between us, the nitwits at TNT and the nitwits at ESPN, we talk about these losers more than any people in the world.”

He noted that he would begin talking about the Lakers if and when they get their campaign together and began winning some games but noted that there are extremely few chances of that happening. And that seems to be the thought shared by most fans and analysts when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers this NBA season.
LeBron James, in an interaction after the game, admitted that the Lakers have been very ordinary defensively this season, and that has held them back from the kind of victories they were expected to have at the start of the season. As things are right now, the Lakers will be extremely fortunate if they make any kind of playoff run. The NBA finals seem to be a very distant thought.

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