CEO Sundar Pichai’s Next Move Is To Make Earth A ‘Safer Place’ News

CEO Sundar Pichai’s Next Move Is To Make Earth A ‘Safer Place’

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Time icon July 18, 2020

Google’s CEO says natural disasters like floods or earthquakes can be detected prior to when they make any damage to mankind. As any natural disaster can’t be controlled but at least people would be made aware of the situation. Some questions are answered by Sundar Pichai and Google.

Here are some good plans Google has

Google’s plan to improve Indian digital economy

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had announced a $10 billion digitization fund for India’s digital economy. Pichai’s announcement came after his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday where he discussed issues such as leveraging the power of technology to transform the lives of India’s farmers and youth.

Google’s future investments target- Jio

Google, one of the biggest companies in the world, is expected to and is in advanced talks to invest $4 billion in Jio, as per the reports. There can be better news for shareholders than this because, in terms of Jio, which has seen one of the largest shareholders investing in the company, Google acts big news. 

Google has pledged $10 billion in India over the next five to seven years with the aim of consolidating its position in the digital ecosystem of the world’s fifth-largest economy that is emerging as a battleground for global internet giants. The firm’s outgoings for India — nearly double the $5.7 billion investment made by rival Facebook in the digital platform of India’s largest conglomerate Reliance Industries in April — will be deployed through a mix of investments and partnerships, Pichai said in an interview.

Earthquake, Tsunami and other N.D.’s warning system

Google recently conducted an experiment using its subsea fibre optic cables, which showed that it could be useful for earthquake and tsunami warning systems.

“Last October, an idea came to us: we could detect earthquakes based on special signatures-performing a special analysis of Stokes parameters to look at frequencies that are typical of earthquakes,” Valev Kamalov and Matia Cantono (Google Global Networking) posted in a blog.

Google esitimates that millions of kms of fibre optic networks already are webbed around the globe operated by governments, telecom providers, and technogy companies, including Google, And by collaborating with the subsea cable community, they may be able to improve world’s ability to detect and research seismic activity around the world.

Google has global network of undersea cables which makes it possible to share and search information “around the world at the speed of light”. “Fiber optic cables connect far flung continents along the ocean bed, and much of the internet’s international traffic travels over these cables,” Google explained in the blog post.

Google first started working on this in 2013 but it was only in 2019 that Google conducted in first experiment. Initially, there was no state of polarization changes that could detect and earthquake. The staet of polarization continued to show a sole for five minutes after the earthquake took place. This, as per Google, correlated to the travel time of the seismic wave from Jamaica to the cables, and the duration of the spike was about 10 mintues.

Since then Google has been able to detect moderate-sized earthquakes in Mexico and Chile.

However, this is just the beginning, according to the tech giant. The blog further noted, “to create a robust earthquake monitoring system, researchers need advance maths expert and data analysts, where advanced computing systems like Google Cloud can be instrumental. “

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