Celine Artistic Director Ignites Fan Hopes Regarding A BLACKPINK Lisa & BTS Taehyung Reunion at Paris Fashion Week

Lisa and Taehyung from BLACKPINK and BTS coming together for the Celine men’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection show at Paris Fashion Week last year was the highlight of K-Pop in 2022 and also an important moment in K-Pop history. BTS and BLACKPINK are the reason for K-Pop’s global fame today. Both groups have fans spread across the globe and have entered the main global pop scene.

We may get to see Taehyung and Lisa coming together for a CELINE show again this year. Lisa is the global brand ambassador for the brand, while, Taehyung has maintained a close association with the same french luxury brand as well. Taehyung recently received a floral arrangement from CELINE and fans have been wondering ever since if it means that they will get to see V attending another fashion event this year.

CELINE recently announced their CELINE HOME WINTER 23 SHOW in Paris, which will take place on 10th February. Lisa of BLACKPINK has a free or empty schedule for most of February, BLACKPINK will be taking a month-long break from their Born Pink World Tour. Therefore, as the global brand ambassador, she is likely to attend the event.


And now Celine’s Artist Director has given fans hope that Taehyung may also be attending the event again this year. However, nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Jimin of BTS recently made his fashion show debut as he attended a Dior show at Paris Fashion Week with j-hope. Who also recently attended his first fashion show for Louis Vuitton.

Fans were hoping to see Dior global brand ambassadors Jisoo and Jimin coming together for the brand at PFW, however, Jisoo couldn’t attend the show alongside Jimin as she had to travel to Riyaadh for BLACKPINK’s concert there. But she’s now confirmed to be attending a new Dior show in Paris tomorrow (23rd Jan).

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