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Celebrities Join Movement As They Ask For Royalties

Earlier this week, Pakistani celebrities came together and have officially started trending online as they are requesting royalties for themselves. They have the hashtag #GiveroyaltiestoArtists trend.

This comes after both senior and junior artists working in the industry have taken part in a movement as they shared the hashtag on Instagram. The Royalty issue payment came to light when Veteran actress Naila Jaffery appealed to TV channels to pay royalties to actors on reruns of their projects.

The actress has been fighting cancer for six years. she posted the video on her social media handle and received immense support from a lot of other artists. The fans or the public had mixed reactions and opinions on the matter. Some of them criticized the celebrities for asking for royalty payments.

Ayesha Omer gave a crash course to fans who don’t know what royalties would mean. Like other artists, Mehwish Hayat has also joined the movement and broken her silence for payment. The actress shared as she demanded value for artists. She took to Twitter as she expressed that royalties must be paid to artists on all re-runs, foreign, and cross-platform sales.

Mehwish wrote, “Royalties must be paid to artistes on all re-runs, foreign & cross-platform sales as is the case everywhere else in the world. Actors on my fav show “Friends” for example make more out of royalties each yr than the original fees they were paid.”

Many other artists who work in the industry have joined the cause. This will mark as the first time this issue has surfaced in the industry.

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