Cassie Randolph granted restraining order against ex Colton Underwood, as Alleged Texts are Revealed

Cassie Randolph has been granted a temporary restraining order against her ex, Colton Underwood.


On Friday, the 25-year-old TV personality filed the request against Underwood, whom she met on season 23 of “The Bachelor.” Underwood ended up handing his final rose to her at the end of his season. However, the couple split in May, after two years of dating, and now things seemed to have turned sour.

According to the paperwork filed by Cassie at the time, she claimed that Underwood has been harassing and stalking her with unsettling text messages. Randolph even claimed that her former boyfriend placed a tracking device under the rear bumper of her car in order to track her movements.

What does the restraining order state?

Now, according to court documents, Underwood must stay at least 100 yards from Randolph, her home, her vehicle, her job and her school. The temporary restraining order also requires him to stay at least 100 yards away from her parents’ home in Huntington Beach, California. Where he was spotted paying unannounced visits by friends, neighbors, and family members on multiple occasions.

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Underwood is also prohibited from contacting Randolph in any way, and must not harass, threaten, or attack her. A hearing for the case, which is listed as “domestic violence prevention without minor children,” is set for Oct. 6. Which is when the temporary restraining order is due to expire.

“I spent two years loving you the best I could and now I’m sitting here feeling like a fool”

Cassie’s filing contains detailed allegations against Colton, including text messages that Underwood anonymously sent to Randolph. Cassie lists the “dates of abuse” beginning in June 2020. While the most recent incidents take place from Aug. 16 through Aug. 19.

One such text message sent from Colton to Cassie on June 27 reads, “…Because you’re a selfish person who isn’t ready to be loved. I spent two years loving you the best I could and now I’m sitting here feeling like a fool… You’ve hurt me beyond words… I’ve always done nothing but be there for you and you still disrespect me all the time.”

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To which Cassie responded saying, “What did I even do??” Colton wrote back, “You hid things from me and been so shady.” Hours after his accusatory message, Colton allegedly apologised for his actions, writing, “I apologize for some of the things I said last night. I’m lost right now. I’m drowning.”

“She felt like she was being watched”

In another incident which took place on July 27, Cassie’s friend, Caelan, paid a visit to her apartment. “Mr. Underwood somehow immediately knew, and obsessively called and sent text messages to Ms. Randolph about the visit.” Like anybody, Randolph was startled that he knew who was coming in and out of her apartment. “She felt like she was being watched.”

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Turns out, Colton was the least bit happy about Caelan’s visit and turned up at Cassie’s apartment a few days later. “He proceeded to yell at Ms. Randolph, and threatened her, saying, ‘I am going to keep you accountable.’”

“I have a million questions I don’t know if I want the answers to”

The filing also states that Colton sent Cassie messages accusing her of spending time with an ex-boyfriend.

One such text reads in part, “I’m just sitting in bed trying to fall asleep wondering if the woman I’m madly in love with is having a good time with her ex. I have a million questions and all of them I don’t know if I want the answers to. My heart hurts a lot right now and I miss my best friend, my lover and the one person I never expected to lose.”

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Cassie, who felt sorry, wrote back saying, “Colton I really care about you too. I know going through everything is very hard and sucks. And I appreciate you calling me to talk with me. But I also won’t want to make it into something it isn’t,” Randolph stated clearly. “You know that us trusting each other and being cool with each other, and caring about each other is still there. I don’t think that is something that should be able to flip flop so easily. And also, it’s a different road we are navigating now that we aren’t used to. Don’t be upset, you know I care about you so much. You know that.”

Harassment, Anonymous text messages, Tracking Devices…

Between Aug. 16 and Aug. 19, the filing reveals that Underwood used “alias phone numbers to anonymously send harassing text messages” to Cassie and her friends.” What’s more, Colton also sent the same messages to himself, “pretending to also be a victim of the anonymous stalker.” He later confessed to being the one sending the messages. Cassie then states that on Aug. 19 she discovered a tile tracking device taped to the bottom of the back bumper of her car.

“Fearful for her safety,” the filing describes, “Ms. Randolph contacted the police and a private investigator” before confronting her ex directly. She alleges that he admitted to being the one behind the tracking device as well.

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The filing mentioned that since Randolph was worried for her safety and those around her, she wanted to “ensure that the harassment and stalking behavior cease when he (Underwood) returns to Los Angeles in the coming days.” After which, the judge proceeded to approve the temporary restraining order.

A source revealed, “It’s been a very draining couple of days for Cassie. She hopes Colton heals and gets the closure he needs. She wants them to both be able to move on indefinitely. There’s no space for them to have a relationship in the future and she hopes he understands that. Cassie only wishes the best for him.”

“Of course she’s been upset by the situation,” another source revealed. “It’s serious. But she is focusing on herself and her schoolwork and trying to move forward.”


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