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CarryMinati finally breaks his silence on his controversial video being deleted by YouTube!

CarryMinati had posted a roast video called YouTube Vs Tiktok, which YouTube deleted yesterday!

After the popular tiktoker Amir Siddiqui shared his video shaming YouTubers, CarryMinati posted a video roasting him. While the video had gone viral everywhere, YouTube deleted it yesterday.

Hashtags like #justiceforcarry, #bringbackcarrysvideo and #shameonyoutube was trending on Twitter throughout the day. People had been hoping that the video will be restored. However, that is not happening.

Ajey Nagar, or as he is popularly known as CarryMinati, shared his statement last night. Explaining how creating videos has always been his passion, he wrote, “It is hard to accept this – but this video will remain banned and won’t be restored. This video had already broken several records and we were just a day away from saying that the most liked and the most popular non music video on YouTube globally belongs to an Indian creator.”


He added on saying, “Sometimes the biggest achievements become an easy target to be pulled down. Not getting enough answers can be the most disappointing situation to be in. Well all I can say is it has been a very frustrating day.”

The video in question had already garnered more than 75 Million views . Unfortunately YouTube deleted it yesterday.

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