Carmella Is Probably Having a Concussion

Following a recent injury sustained at a live event, WWE talent Carmella is probably suffering from a concussion. Even more intriguingly, her husband, Corey Graves, reportedly learned of his wife’s injury via Twitter.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion was hurt earlier this month during a live event that was documented on Twitter. While Bianca Belair was performing a flip over the top turnbuckle, she appeared to have smacked her head. After falling to the ground, Carmella rolled away from the ring. The “X” symbol was thrown up by the referee, according to spectators, and Carmella was assisted out of the arena but was able to walk unassisted.

Second Generation star

Commentators and kick-off programme analysts have occasionally brought up Carmella’s status as a second generation superstar throughout her WWE tenure. While other professional wrestler superstars, such as Natalya or Roman Reigns, have pretty evident familial ties, many fans find Carmella’s family history to be a mystery. Paul Van Dale, her father who competed in wrestling, is likely unknown to many. Throughout her WWE career, kick-off show analysts and pundits have occasionally brought up Carmella’s status as a second generation superstar. Carmella’s family history is a big mystery to many fans, unlike other superstars in professional wrestling like Natalya or Roman Reigns who have very evident familial ties. Her wrestling father, Paul Van Dale, will likely go unnoticed by most people.

The last victor of Money in the Bank who received proper treatment and booking from WWE was Carmella

The Money in the Bank contract winner has been a mainstay of the promotion for more than fifteen years, with many winners and success stories in that time. Each year, the organisation hosts two Money in the Bank ladder matches at its own namesake PPV. The gimmick’s usefulness has greatly decreased with time. Since Carmella won the women’s version of the match in 2017 and became the first-ever “Miss Money in the Bank,” there hasn’t been a strong contract holder among the most recent champions.

The reason why?

She made multiple attempts to cash in her briefcase while she was Miss Money in the Bank, particularly in an effort to defeat Charlotte Flair, who frequently held the SmackDown Women’s Championship at the time. Every time Flair or Carmella appeared on weekly television, there was a sense of unpredictability, and those kinds of undertones boosted the value of the final product and audience support. More than any other person in history, Carmella held the briefcase for a record 287 days, which undoubtedly added to the unpredictability of her time with it.


Reports now claims that Carmella most likely concussed during the match. At this time, the injury happened a few weeks ago, and the report claims that Carmella’s return is “within sight.”

Next month, Carmella is reportedly set to travel once more with WWE. She recently responded to a question regarding her return from a fan on Twitter by saying she is unsure of the exact date yet but is hoping it will be soon.


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