Cardi B wins a $1 million defamation case against a YouTuber

Cardi B has won a defamation lawsuit against Latasha Kebe aka Tasha K, a YouTuber who allegedly slandered the rapper by circulating rumors about her health and personal life on multiple accounts.

Cardi B accused Kebe of attempting to defame her by misinforming her audience about the WAP singer’s sex life and saying that she had herpes in videos posted on her YouTube channel.

Cardi B wins a $1 million

Cardi won the case on Monday, January 24, and was awarded USD 1 million in general damages and USD 250,000 in medical expenses after testifying in court that Kebe’s conduct had caused her emotional stress and made her feel “very suicidal.” According to Billboard, through ET, the Grammy Award winner said in court that she felt “helpless” as a result of Kebe’s constant slander on her 1 million-subscriber YouTube channel. Cardi also testified that she suffered from fatigue, anxiety, weight loss, and migraines as a result of the YouTuber’s actions.

Tasha’s toxicity, according to Cardi, had spread to the singer’s Instagram account, making life difficult for her. She clarified that she had never had herpes, but netizens were continuously accusing her of making a false claim and accusing her of being a poor mother, even telling her to leave her children. “Only a horrible person could do such s**t,” Cardi claimed on the stand.

Cardi B also told the jury about her difficult past, which included poverty, homelessness, and physical abuse. Despite this, she said she had never felt suicidal, but Kebe’s claims had pushed her over the edge, forcing her to seek professional care.

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