Cardi B Says She Filed For Divorce To Teach Offset ‘A Lesson’, ‘Not Over Abuse’

Cardi B opened up about rumors circulating about her being in an abusive relationship with Offset. Fans were telling her she is in a mentally abusive relationship.

The rapper posted two videos in response to them and admitted to taking things to an ‘extreme’. She said filing for divorce was a step too far and shared how they are working through things.

Cardi tweeted on her social media and said she was not lying while posting two videos. The artist decided to put a stop to things when fans began telling her she is in a mentally abusive relationship with her husband, Offset. If you are not caught up in the WAP singer’s life let me tell you a bit about the chaos.

Cardi had filed for divorce from her husband, Offset in September. However, she was spotted giving us a lot of PDA during her 28th birthday bash as she kissed Offset. Days later she revealed that the couple is back together and called off her divorce. Although because of the involvement of fans into her life, they were not happy when the rapper said she took him back because she missed him.

People came for her on her social media and started putting up negative comments. In response to this, Cardi shared a 3-minute audio clip and revealed information about her relationship. She started off by admitting that she did not want to comment on her relationship because she knows fans are tired of her going back and forth with Offset.

The rapper called herself crazy and said it bothers her when people use certain words just like that. She told her people are sounding crazy when they start using the word ‘abusive’. The artist denied being in a mentally abusive relationship and said she has choices.

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The WAP Singer Admitted Going TO An Extreme By Filing For Divorce

Cardi revealed that when she and her husband have problems, she is not being tied down or being harassed with a “hundred phone calls”. She shared if she needs a break, she decides to go to her other home. The rapper said, “If I take a break from my n—a and I decide to work things out, that’s regular relationship shit. If I want to go to an extreme to teach a n—a a f–king lesson and f–king file for divorce I can do that. It’s my life.”

The rapper clarified that she is not getting abused. She also admitted that her issues with her husband are typical like it would be in a normal relationship. The Bodak Yellow rapper said if they want to work things out, they will. She explained, “When he tells me what he wants me to change, what he wants me to stop doing, we could do that.”

Cardi asked the critics to chill and asked them why are they trying to make everything about abuse. She told them off and said they don’t live with them and don’t know what they are talking about.

The artist received criticism for taking Offset back because he gifted her a Rolls Royce and called her materialistic. She addressed those accusations and clapped back saying she is always getting gifts. The rapper told critics she is rich and her man will always spoil her.

Cardi said she will get spoiled even if she does not have a man. She set the record straight and said their relationship is not all about gifts. The rapper said if she and her baby father are not together and want to gift her a car then there is no problem.

The WAP rapper said if someone gets a gift from their baby daddy and they are not together but you are a great mother or a great woman, then you deserve it. Cardi said it is crazy how she has to give an explanation because people keep creating things that are going on in her home.

The rapper responded to a user who told her that the couple should try couples therapy and said cars and bags won’t fix their problems. She clapped back writing she does not need that and that she talks to God about their relationship. The artist wrote, “My relationship is more than bag and cars before I even got my bday gift I took a break and we started talkin’ about our differences and what we gotta change”.

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Cardi has always stood true to herself and been honest. However, how she has to keep explaining her relationship to complete strangers has got to stop already.


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