Canadian Healthcare Company That Bought Shiba Inu Earlier Dumps It For $SAND And $MANA

In late 2021, the famous Canadian startup ‘Ask The Doctor’ that provides online medical services and advices has purchased $1.5 Million worth of Shiba Inu. It was disclosed in their financial statements!

The company got very involved with the ShibArmy on Twitter and Instagram. It even promised to burn 1 billion of Shib toke supply if two conditions were met, AskTheDr also announced that it would accept Shib as an official mode of payment.

AskTheDr Sold 100% Shib Holdings

However, things have now come crashing down for the ShibArmy after AskTheDr took to its official Twitter handle to reveal that it has sold 100% of the Shiba Inu coins held on its balance sheet. It has rather moved to $SAND and $MANA using the proceeds from Shib sales.

“Sold 100% of $shib holdings on our balance sheet for $mana and $sand”

While the comments have not been enabled on the aforementioned tweet, the ‘Quoted Retweets’ criticize the company for being a flip.


Some users have asked for proof from the healthcare provider regarding its claim of buying $SAND and $MANA.

Another user wrote “Uff thanks God. That was the hold back, your negativity. now #SHIB will the moon”

Recently, the news broke out that an ETH whale has purchased $39,000,000 worth of Shiba Inu. This seems to be a news of delight for the ShibArmy that is waiting for a rally in price.

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