Canada's Drag Race Season 2 Finale Recap: (Spoiler) is A Winner!!!

Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 Finale Recap: (Spoiler) is A Winner!!!


Icesis Couture, Kendall Gender, and Pythia battle for the title of Canada’s Next Drag Superstar in the season 2 finale of Canada’s Drag Race. The top four queens in Canada’s Drag Race reunited with all of the ousted queens last week on the show. For the most part, this was a very Canadian reunion; which culminated with Suki Doll being crowned Miss Congeniality for the season.

But, just as the reunion segment of episode 9 came to a close, the top four queens were forced to compete in a never-before-seen lip sync battle, with just three of them making it to the finale. Kendall Gender defeated Gia Metric first, and then Icesis Couture defeated Pythia. In the end, Pythia triumphed over Gia in the final lip sync; ensuring Pythia’s place in the top three and Gia’s exit. Icesis, Kendall; and Pythia now occupy the top three spots on Canada’s Drag Race.

The top three competitors began the grand finale by congratulating each other for making it this far in the battle. However, there was a strong sense that all three queens believed they had a chance to seize the throne, raising the stakes for the episode. The following is a breakdown of the competition by track record: Icesis Couture won two maxi challenges and made it through one lip-sync; Kendall Gender won one challenge and made it through one lip-sync; and Pythia won two maxi challenges and never made it to the bottom two.

Kendall Gender had a good slowed-down flow

Regardless, how these queens fared in the final competition on Canada’s Drag Race; putting together a Rumix rendition of Brooke Lynn Hytes’ “Queen Of The North” was the deciding factor. Icesis, Kendall, and Pythia have all demonstrated their ability to perform the house down boots throughout the season, making it difficult to predict how they’d fare in this challenge.

However, as soon as their performance of Rumix’s “Queen Of The North” began, it was evident that Icesis Couture was crushing the competition. Kendall Gender had a good slowed-down flow and nailed the choreography; while Pythia had a lot of personality throughout the show. On the runway, all three queens were stunning, but Icesis and Pythia stood out. The queens then gave a tear-jerking speech; in which they reflected on their Drag Race travels and discussed why they should win this crown.

The crown lip sync was performed to Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”. Kendall was slightly overacting in the song, but she still performed an excellent job. Pythia’s rendition of the song didn’t quite match the atmosphere of the music, which was a letdown. As a result, Icesis did exactly what she needed to do to win the lip sync and take home the gold. Icesis Couture was declared Canada’s Next Drag Superstar by Brooke Lynn Hytes; who revealed that she had won Canada’s Drag Race.

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