Caleb Boxx Finds Mentorship Aids in Success

Caleb Boxx (@calebboxx) may be a highschool dropout but he is also an entrepreneur and self-made businessman – and he’s just 20 years old. Part of his key to success his is a strong, dedicated work ethic, and mentorship.

Caleb is the mastermind behind YouTube Automation. YouTube Automation is simply a business model where Caleb is the “CEO” of the YouTube channel hires other freelancers and content creators to create content for the channel with a flat rate payment that’s cheaper than the traditional hiring employees. It’s simply outsourcing and automating the process of making YouTube videos so that you can still benefit from YouTube revenue without being the actual content creator. (The) goal is to just post the content at the same time you normally post the content so people know when to expect a post.”Today, that means Caleb is the one behind 3 million subscribers and 400 million views on multiple YouTube channels accumulated.

Caleb Boxx comes from a small town near Kansas City, MO. Devoid of people living alternative lifestyles, he was surrounded by those he lived the typical life: go to school, college, then get a job remotely related to your degree, and spend five days of the week, 40 hours a week on the job.

That was it. But Caleb knew he wanted a different type of lifestyle. Not just wanted, but that he was maybe meant to have one. Beginning at the age of six, Caleb was already thinking of business ideas. By eleven, he had already made his first profit from a business venture ($400, a business inspired by Mine Craft). He was constantly thinking of new ideas, and constantly seeing other people finding failure after college, or being weighed down by debt.

So, at 16 he decided to risk it. He dropped out of high school and quit his job at a fast-food restaurant, and made a deal with his father to try for six months. Try to make a stable income. If not, it was back to school.

Well, Caleb succeed. He managed to work with a YouTuber, burying himself into work, often waking up before 5:00 AM and not stopping until night. He barely saw his friends, as he was devoted to his work. But the work quickly paid off, as the YouTuber recognized Caleb’s work ethic and invited him to join on daily calls with other YouTubers. These calls lasted for a year-and-a-half and eventually gave birth to YouTube Automation. Which became bigger than one possibly could’ve expected. But that isn’t taking into account the power of dedication, and mentorship.

Calbe says that mentors have been incredibly important within his life. They have been instrumental in his success, as they would bounce ideas off of each other and essentially figured out YouTube Algorithm, which enabled them to learn how to allow channels to get strong followings. “Without them, I would have never learned YouTube Automation or how to truly run a business. I think mentors are required to reach success. Today my mentors happen to be my close friends and associations as many of them are highly more successful than me.”

YouTube Automation has enabled Caleb to pocket around $20,000 a month, but it’s tht combination of dedication, mentorship. Caleb says “Today people see how I only need to work 4h a week and pull 6-figures a year. But it wasn’t like that always. It started with 40h+ a week, then 20, then 10. It’s a slow gradually decrease of effort needed, over a span of months and sometimes years before you finally make insane money for less work.”

Caleb continues to push himself and his team forward, forever growing and expanding together as a dedicated team.

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