Star Wars The Bad Batch Cad Bane Character Poster Featured

Cad Bane & Todo 360 Posters Revealed in Star Wars: The Bad Batch

New Star Wars: The Bad Batch posters have been released on Disney+, showing the return of Cad Bane and Todo 360 to the animated universe of the saga. After The Clone Wars, the latest chapter in the small-screen universe is set. It follows a crew of elite clone troopers as they unravel the mysteries surrounding Order 66 and leave the Galactic Empire. Omega, a young female clone working as a medical assistant on Kamino, a genetic deviant from typical clone templates like Clone Force 99, is also explored in the series.

The bounty hunter Bane initially appeared in the Star Wars universe with The Clone Wars, where he served the Separatist Alliance and the Hutt criminal families as a recurring opponent to the Jedi and the Galactic Republic.

Since their introductions, the character and his service droid Todo 360 have become fan favourites, with the former being recognised as one of the franchise’s top bounty hunters. However, because the premise of the sequel series is kept under wraps, it was unclear whether the character would return, but with last week’s episode 8, “Reunion,” that issue has been answered.

A Look on Tweet

Following the characters’ appearance in last week’s episode, the official Star Wars Twitter account has published new Cad Bane and Todo 360 posters from The Bad Batch. For those who haven’t seen it yet, the message reminds viewers to watch episode 8 on Disney+. Take a look at the following new posters:

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has already offered plenty of fan service as well as intriguing expansions of famous characters, with eight episodes under its belt. Given the dramatic cliffhanger of “Reunion,” with Cad escaping with Omega and The Bad Batch left with a wounded Hunter, the following chapter is guaranteed to be tense for them all. On Friday, the series will return to Disney+.

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