BTS x Megan Thee Stallion Collab Again? K-Pop Group Meets Rapper After UNGA

BTS and Megan Thee Stallion have finally met. This comes after the rapper took Twitter by storm after she announced her epic collaboration with the ‘Butter’ remix. Fans were wondering when will they get a music video for the same.

However, the K-pop group hadn’t left South Korea in almost two years which made it difficult for a music video to be filmed together. But BTS was in New York for the 76th UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) and they met the rapper.

BTS x Megan Thee Stallion was loved by fans immensely. They had to go through legal court cases against Megan’s label and then we had the 3J performance video. Through all of it, a lot has happened and they could not get a music video. But we did get 3J- Jimin, J-Hope and Jungkook created new choreography for Megan’s verse.

Both ARMYs and Hotties loved the new special dance performance. But BTS meeting Megan has fans wondering if there is a new collab in the works again. Back then, when the rapper announced the ButterTheeRemix, they were battling court cases since her label was not signing off the release. Documents were released that revealed the workings of the partnership between Megan and BTS.

Fans Are Excited For Jimin Too

And when they met on September 22, fans pointed out the detail of their partnership. It seems like they had a swap deal which means Megan will feature in a track of BTS and vice versa. So, it is not completely unrealistic to speculate that we might be getting a second collab. The meeting was also held at Roc Nation’s headquarters in New York. Roc Nation was founded by Jay-Z and houses a talent agency that manages Megan.

Both ARMYs and Hotties have put the two together and believe this might be a collaboration and they might have met either to record or discuss the collab track. ARMY also could not help but get excited about the fact that BTS was at Jay-Z’s agency and it makes Jimin get one step close to Beyonce. Jimin is a huge fan of the singer and on the other hand, RM gifted his favourite BT21 plushie to Megan.

Fans have been speculating and making Megan trend ever since that selfie dropped. They cannot get over the wholesome pictures and the details they are finding out. Fans made tweets like, “NAMJOON GAVE MEGAN A KOYA PLUSHIE ITS A WRAP EVERYONE GO HOME WE LOST JOON”.  They also couldn’t help but hype up the potential collab, “WAIT BTS AGREED TO FEATURE ON A MEGAN TRACK IN THEIR NEGOTIATIONS… DID THEY MEET UP TO DISCUSS MEG FT BTS?!!???????” 

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