BTS X Casetify New Collection Of Merch Introduces Permission To dance Theme

If you are an Army and want to celebrate it in a unique way, here is a piece of news for you.

The famous K-pop boy band and Casetify announce their fifth collection of limited edition tech accessories is now available. The newest BTS Co-Lab collection, which contains cases and accessories for Apple and Android devices, pays homage to the band’s smash single “Permission to Dance” and is priced between $30 and $100.

Permission to Dance became a major hit after its release and was trending for its hook step. Past collaborations, which are now sold out, included items that drew inspiration from other number-one songs including “Butter” and “Dynamite.”

The exclusive collection will be available online for all the Casetify club members. So if you are not a Casetify member, you may want to subscribe to it to grab all your favorite merchandise from there.

To be the first one to know about the available merch you can sign up for the BTS X Casetify push notification starting July 25 at 8 p.m. PST on the company’s Co-Lab app, and to the general public on July 26 at 1 a.m. PT.

Customers can purchase Impact, Ultra Impact, Mirror, and Impact Crush cases from Casetify for specific Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel models as well as cases for Apple MacBooks, AirPods, iPads, and AirTags, Apple Watch straps, magnetic charging pads, and beaded charm straps. All these products include the lyrics of the ultimate dance beat of BTS Permission to dance like “Live just like we’re golden” and “Ain’t nothing that can stop how we move.”

Guess you can even dance to the beat of the song while wearing this merch. The purple balloon and flower pattern, as well as other references to the song’s video, will excite fans.

The band declared that they would no longer be singing as a group. However, the band members are releasing their own songs. Since they announced their hiatus, JungKook, J Hope, and Suga have one record under their belts.

Earlier this year, Snoop Dog announced that he is going to collaborate with the K-pop band BTS for new music. He stated that he was waiting for BTS to confirm the release date before making it public. The lyric video will premier on the BTS channel, the following day of the song’s debut. The band is gearing up for treating their fans with the much-anticipated collab between the two most renowned singers in the music industry.

It would be exciting to see the famous K-pop boy band BTS and the most popular American artist Snoop Dogg sharing a platform.

Mark your dates for this release and don’t forget to check out the merch.

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