BTS: When Jungkook started getting tattoos, Suga became very protective of him

Jungkook, a member of BTS, made headlines when he wore a short-sleeved shirt at the just finished BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo. ‘ARMY,’ the number ‘0613,’ the BTS launch date, a golden-colored eye, and a microphone, among other tattoos, were all visible on the singer’s arm and hand. While fans have loved Jungkook’s body art, Suga was initially concerned that the ARMY would not approve of his decision to get tattoos.

Jungkook, 16, revealed up about his ambitions and desires of being able to drive, drink like his fellow BTS members, and get tattoos in an episode of BTS American Hustle Life. Jungkook told the camera that he was inspired by a woman’s neck tattoo and that he planned to get inked himself when he was older. Suga, on the other hand, wasn’t really convinced when Jungkook mentioned his desire to get a tattoo.

“Inside, one of the women has a tattoo (on their bodies). As a result, I’d like one as well “Jungkook said. “Why are you saying it to the camera? He’s completely insane! Our fans will be unhappy, “Suga expressed his worries. Jungkook guaranteed him that he would receive it only once he had reached adulthood. “I just said how much I admire our armed forces. They won’t mind if they adore us. If it’s a small, cute tattoo, go for it “Added he.

Suga was worried about Jungkook’s safety, most likely because tattoos are a taboo subject in South Korea. Tattoos are not illegal in Korea, but they are classified as a medical treatment, according to Koreaboo, and there are strict guidelines for acquiring a tattoo. Jungkook’s supporters, on the other hand, have backed him and his tattoos.

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