BTS Member V’s Self-Designed ‘Mute Boston Bag’ Sold Out In 2 SECONDS

Were you among the BTS ARMY fans waiting with bated breath in front of the screen to buy an exclusive ‘Mute Boston Bag’ designed by the group member V himself? If not, then we’re afraid you’ve already missed on the opportunity to buy this uber-pricey merch bag, as the item made history by turning into the fastest bag to get sold out in the world: yes, it was sold out in a mere matter of seconds.

For those unaware, HYBE MERCH is currently releasing ‘artist-made collections’ merchandise designed by each BTS member, and initial announcement regarding this was made on their twitter account on December 31, 2021. BTS’s Jin and RM have already had two remarkably successful runs with their merch, both collections selling out in minutes.

Next in line for the same was BTS singer Kim Taehyung’s collection, released on 11 January. And going out of stock in under a minute for V’s swanky bag, it didn’t take long for his entire collection to go off the shelves as well.

Sold Out Without Going On Sale – Japan

Meanwhile in Japan, the entire collection was available for pre-order, and demonstrating why the country is referred to as the veritable ‘TaeTaeland’, the merch by designer Kim Taehyung was sold out before it could even go on sale.

Bidding On eBay

Buying the bag officially for $168 in the U.S. and $153.28 elsewhere, ARMYs saw this item being re-sold on eBay for astonishingly high prices. News18 reports that an individual from the US began the bidding of the bag at $225, while there were close to 80 bids for the item thereafter. This discovery incurred the wrath of many BTS ARMYs upon discovery, with countless reporting the biddings until it was inevitably taken down by the time its price surpassed $13,000.

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