BTS’ V’s ‘Christmas Tree’ holds the global Spotify record for a Korean OST

BTS’ V quiet ballad for ‘Our Beloved Summer’, ‘Christmas Tree,’ was released on Christmas eve and has since won hearts and broken records. Despite the heavy competition of Christmas music, the OST set the record for the biggest debut streaming for a Korean OST with 1.46 million streams after only a partial day of tracking (15 hours).

Not only that, but BTS’ V knocked Mariah Carey off the top spot on iTunes US and iTunes Worldwide. He is now the only Korean solo artist to have two solo tracks debut at number one on iTunes in the United States. ‘Christmas Tree’ is number one on Melon HOT TRACKS Ballard and is charting on all Korean charts. V is presently ranked number one on Melon Daily’s Male Solo Artist Chart and number three altogether!

In this wonderful, calm ballad for Choi Woong (Choi Woo Sik) and Gook Yeon Seo (Kim Da Mi) starrer ‘Our Beloved Summer,’ BTS weaves magic and beautiful melancholy in the main theme song for the drama. Nam Hye Seung and Kim Kyung Hee composed the music and wrote the lyrics. ‘Christmas Tree’ had already topped iTunes charts in 72 countries. It was also the second Korean OST to debut at number one on the US iTunes chart. The first is his own song ‘Sweet Night,’ which he wrote for Park Seo Joon’s ‘Itaewon Class.’ V, I congratulate you!

BTS’ V To Sue Sojang

Being famous can be both a blessing and a curse. Along with a large fan base; celebrities will have a large number of detractors; who will go to great measures to bring them down. In fact, bogus claims of them being school bullies surfaced in early 2021; prompting a coordinated onslaught on various K-pop idols.

In South Korea, school bullying is highly brutal, and as a result, the general public turns their backs on the accused when there is even a remote suspicion based on rumors. While that attempt was fortunately foiled due to idols gathering evidence; a YouTuber has once again targeted BTS’ V.

V has decided to sue after a fan grabbed a snapshot of the YouTube channel and uploaded it on the K-pop portal Weverse. The BTS member indicated he would take legal action against the YouTuber as soon as he saw the post. V made the first sly remark, “Oh?!! I will proceed with a lawsuit. I guess I can earn some snack money with this. Even mentioning my family and friends, see ya.”

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