BTS' V To Sue Sojang: ARMY Slams Youtuber For Defaming K-Pop Idols

BTS’ V To Sue Sojang: ARMY Slams Youtuber For Defaming K-Pop Idols

Being famous can be both a blessing and a curse. Along with a large fan base; celebrities will have a large number of detractors; who will go to great measures to bring them down. In fact, bogus claims of them being school bullies surfaced in early 2021; prompting a coordinated onslaught on various K-pop idols.

In South Korea, school bullying is highly brutal, and as a result, the general public turns their backs on the accused when there is even a remote suspicion based on rumours. While that attempt was fortunately foiled due to idols gathering evidence; a YouTuber has once again targeted BTS’ V.

Sojang, a YouTuber, has recently begun producing videos aimed at celebs and K-pop idols; brazenly defaming them with baseless charges. Antis, on the other hand; has been giving the YouTube videos a lot of views, causing them to go viral, with non-fans believing the false charges. They recently went after BTS’ V, nicknamed Kim Taehyung, claiming that he was involved in a serious incident after causing a drunken disturbance.

V has decided to sue after a fan grabbed a snapshot of the YouTube channel and uploaded it on the K-pop portal Weverse. The BTS member indicated he would take legal action against the YouTuber as soon as he saw the post. V made the first sly remark, “Oh?!! I will proceed with a lawsuit. I guess I can earn some snack money with this. Even mentioning my family and friends, see ya.”

Fans Behind Kim Taehyung

ARMY then flooded his page with encouraging comments; hoping that the false reports hadn’t impacted him too much. He not only reassured fans, but he also said, “I just skimmed through and all artists, not just us, do not like people like that. All fans and ARMY may or may not have monitored this person, but I will sue on behalf of all those who got hurt or do not have the courage to do so.”

The YouTuber responded with a sarcastic remark, “Breaking news, V has mentioned my channel on Weverse and has seen my videos. He shouldn’t have said that he could earn ‘snack money’ as that will just make it harder for him, but that’s just V for you. How much bigger will this channel get? This is the one and only YouTube drama channel that world star BTS watches.”

As supporters united to support V, the hashtag #Got_ARMY_Behind_Us trended on Twitter. As one fan put it, “You mess with the wrong guy..louder KIM TAEHYUNG”. They were also impressed, as one Twitter user put it, “Taehyung’s courageous side is the most powerful and attractive. WE LOVE YOU KIM TAEHYUNG.”

And, while ARMY is used to getting things done on their own; they wanted V to take the YouTuber to court. “Nobody f*cking do anything to that youtube; yall grab ur pop corns  and watch tae”. And while fans were upset that V had to see the rumors himself they said, “I mean, at least he/she is getting sued as deserved.”

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