BTS V Surprises ARMY With Squid Game Outfit As Halsey Makes Appearance

BTS V Surprises ARMY With Squid Game Outfit As Halsey Makes Appearance

The BTS performance at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, which will last four days, is building up to be quite the spectacle. The global K-pop group is playing offline performances in front of a live audience for the first time in two years. Their ‘Map of the Soul’ world tour had already been postponed because of the pandemic, disappointing fans.

BTS, on the other hand, is going all out for its Los Angeles gigs to make up for it. Fans are ecstatic, with every hotel near the SoFi stadium sold out and cars with BTS-personalized licence plates flooding the streets of Los Angeles. Megan Thee Stallion performed on Day 2 of BTS, so it became worthwhile.

ARMY and Hotties, on the other hand, do not have to wait any longer. Megan, Becky G, and Zayn were initially seen by fans on the first day of BTS’ LA show. The ARMY queued up outside the stadium during BTS’ second day of soundcheck at SoFi; heard Megan and understood she would be joining the K-pop supergroup. And now it’s finally going to happen. Megan Thee Stallion surprised the audience at the start of the ‘Butter’ stage; when everyone yelled her slogan, “It’s thee hot lady coach,” during the day 2 concert, which is presently taking place.

Now, Squid Game, a series that smashed all records, appears to be BTS’ favourite as well. V aka Kim Tae-Hyung was spotted disguised as a Squid Game guard; while the K-pop lads performed their superhit songs at the Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Los Angeles.

Kim Shocks Fans With Squid Game Suit

V shocked fans by wearing a full red tracksuit and wearing a black mask on his face. Fans are also questioning if Squid Game is also a favourite of BTS. Several ARMY members flocked to Twitter to praise V’s outfit and to say that he is the prettiest.

In addition to that, Halsey has arrived at the house! The BTS Permission To Dance on Stage in LA concert is on its third day; and the boys are being supported by a special fan. It’s Halsey, their best buddy. As you read this, the American singer-songwriter is performing at the SoFi stadium.

During the BTS LA concert, her image and video were projected on the AV behind the boys. Halsey could be seen cheering on the boys while holding an ARMY bomb. ARMY’s loudest yells could be heard as soon as visuals of Halsey were projected on the massive AV.

Halsey was also visibly moved while listening to the ARMY. She was seen giving the lads kisses and cheering them on. She also greeted ARMY. Halsey was as stunning and fashionable as ever. “BTS are the coolest band in the world,” Halsey tweeted only a few minutes ago.

Halsey is at the SoFi watching the Bantan Boys – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – and ARMY can’t stay cool.

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