BTS' V Labeled One Of Gen-Z's IT Boys By American Celebrity Magazine

BTS’ V Labeled One Of Gen-Z’s IT Boys By American Celebrity Magazine

BTS’ V is on the certified list for American Celebrity Magazine’s J-14 list. He is one of the many in Generation Z’s IT Boys list.

The idol was amongst the many A-listers like Timothee Chalamet, Conan Gray, Xolo Mariduena, Louis Patridge, and more. However, even on the list, the singer is the only K-pop idol to feature on the list.

If you are unaware of Generation Z, let me help you. Gen-Z is referring to the people who are born in the years 1997 to 2012. Many celebrities who are young also fall under this category. The term ‘IT Boy’, is referring celebrities who possess an influential image in any field like fashion, music, beauty, etc.

Hence, it does not come as a surprise when BTS’ V is on the list of the most influential celebrities. His fashion sense, his vocals, and his unmatched beauty are all factors that have always been a great influence on people.

Being recognized by J-14 for his influence is a big deal and fans were thrilled for him. They shared their love and support for V immensely on social media platforms. Like the magazine, it is not the first time V is being recognized for his charisma.

The K-pop idol received the idol of being “Icon of the Era” by Vogue. His influence does not seem to have an end and grows every day. He has been the sole reason for many fans to be part of the BTS Army.

V also turned out to be one of the most searched K-pop idols last year. He has always been famous among fans irrespective of whether they know about K-pop or not. His vocals have always been mesmerizing for fans who can go with any genre.

Other than that, his fashion has always been appreciated and has remained a point of interest to this day. The idol is known for his retro and vintage style and has never limited himself when it comes to fashion. V can pull off literally anything he wants.

This only showcases his desire to experiment and take risks which has an even larger influence among the masses. Fans are excited and happy about their bias as they see V being recognized by multiple organizations.


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