BTS' V & Blackpink Jennie Dating Rumors Not Denied After BigHit Denies RM's Marriage

BTS’ V & Blackpink Jennie Dating Rumors Not Denied After BigHit Denies RM’s Marriage

The K-pop industry seems to be subject to a lot of speculation in terms of dating. BTS and Blackpink are two prominent K-pop bands that do not seem to catch a break. V and Jennie were linked to each other, after which there were rumors of J-Hope and Rose as well.

This was after speculation of Jin being married surfaced. After a while, there were rumors from a Youtube video that stated RM was going to marry. Luckily, for the people who initiated these rumors, fans are taking it in a good way. They are making memes and making fun of the situation.

Fans are already prone to these dating rumors and know that they should not be taken seriously. However, when BTS’ label BigHit came forward to deny the rumors, they became suspicious. Just mere hours after the Youtube video went viral which talked about RM’s alleged marriage, BigHit denied the rumors.

This only made fans more suspicious about these rumors and also alerted the international fans who did not know about the Youtube video. Fans from Korea did not take it seriously and claimed it was all just a fluke as the Youtube channel spreads false narratives constantly.

But when BigHit denied the rumors of RM being married, fans are wondering why they did not deny V and Blackpink Jennie’s dating rumors. There are various multi-fans who ship BTS’s V and Blackpink’s Jennie. However, solo fans do not appreciate the rumors because of the strained relationship between the two fandoms.

Fans Are Speculating That BigHit Isn’t Denying Rumors To Divert Attention

When the rumors of V and Jennie surfaced, both of them received a lot of hate. YG, Blackpink’s label has also responded to previous dating rumors of Jennie but now they did not deny anything. They had denied the actual news of EXO Kai and Jennie dating each other.

BigHit who has also swiftly responded to various rumors regarding RM’s marriage or V dating an heiress has remained silent. Fans are now wondering if the dating rumor was false, they would have denied it. This is with regards to all the hate that a K-pop idol receives if they try to date.

Fans have speculated that BigHit’s parent company, HYBE has collaborated with YG to take away the attention from Le Sserafirm’s Kim Garam. The girl group has been at the center of attention for all the wrong reasons as Garam has been accused of bullying, assaulting students, etc.

According to fans, nepotism might be the reason why the label is not letting her go. This is why fans think the label is mum about V and Jennie’s dating rumors to divert the attention from Le Sserafirm.


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