BTS’ V aka Taehyung Opens Up About His Fitness Routine in Latest Weverse Live Session

If you are a fan of BTS, you probably know that the members are very active on social media and often interact with their fans through various platforms. One of them is Weverse, a fan community app where BTS and other artists can post updates, chat with fans, and even livestream.

On April 19, KST, BTS’s V surprised fans with a live broadcast on Weverse, right from his car while he was on his way home from HYBE. HYBE is the new name of Big Hit Entertainment, the agency that manages BTS and other artists. V had just finished a workout session at the gym in the HYBE building and decided to share some details about his fitness routine and diet with his fans.

V took some time during the livestream to discuss his day, and he also shared some anecdotes about the previous day when all seven BTS members came together to bid farewell to J-Hope as he headed off to his military training camp. Notably, J-Hope is the second member of BTS to enlist in the military, following Jin’s enlistment in December 2022.

During his surprise livestream, BTS’ V began broadcasting on Instagram but quickly ran into issues when he couldn’t figure out how to turn on the comments. Without missing a beat, he switched platforms to Weverse and titled his new broadcast “Picnic.” However, V clarified at the beginning of the stream that he was not actually picnicking. Instead, he was on his way home from HYBE following a workout session at the gym. Despite the hiccup, V’s fans were thrilled to have him live and sharing his thoughts with them.

V surprised fans during his impromptu livestream by sharing some personal information about his exercise habits. Despite the casual vibe of the livestream, V caught fans off guard when he revealed a “big” TMI (too much information) regarding his workout routine. The singer disclosed that he likes to work out barefoot at the gym, yet his feet don’t seem to get dirty afterward. Fans tuning in from around the world were delighted to receive this insight into V’s daily life and his approach to staying fit.

Not content with just one surprising revelation, BTS’ V continued to share more TMI’s during his livestream. He divulged that he only started working out after seeing off J-Hope, and before that, he spent most of his time at home, reluctant to venture outside. Additionally, V shared that he had made plans to have a joint workout session with Jimin, but the latter was a no-show in the end. Fans were excited to learn more about V’s fitness routine and his interaction with his bandmates.

During the Weverse livestream, BTS’ V opened up about his health struggles beyond his fitness regimen. V shared that he is currently on a diet, but not by choice. The K-pop star is currently grappling with Stomatitis, which has resulted in painful mouth sores that have made it challenging for him to eat. To cope with this condition, V revealed that he has been sticking to soft foods like yogurt and pudding. However, he also emphasized the importance of staying hydrated and maintaining his health by drinking a lot of water. Fans were surprised to learn of V’s health struggles but commended him for his dedication to his health despite the challenges.

Taehyung‘s livestream lasted for a few minutes and ended with him saying goodbye to his fans and promising to do another broadcast soon. He also thanked them for their love and support and asked them to take care of themselves.

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