BTS To Perform At Grammys 2022 3rd Time In A Row, Fans Say 'Doing Charity For Sh*t Show'

BTS To Perform At Grammys 2022 3rd Time In A Row, Fans Say ‘Doing Charity For Sh*t Show’

At the present, BTS is perhaps the most popular K-pop group. This is demonstrated by their breaking records and receiving attention from both their native nation and the rest of the globe.

From winning the most Daesangs (grand awards) at MAMA and MMA to becoming the highest awarded group at the MTV EMAs and being the first Korean act to win AMAs’ ‘Artist Of The Year,’ they created history in K-pop award shows. They have now been invited to the 64th Grammy Awards.

The Recording Academy revealed their performance list on March 15, which includes Western popstars Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, and Lil Nas X. Along with them, BTS will be performing at the Grammys for the third time in a row in 2022. ARMY (BTS fans) and the American music awards event, on the other hand, have a love-hate relationship.

While being acknowledged by the Grammys is an honor, critics believe the award ceremony is utilizing BTS to gain power. Despite breaking multiple records and outperforming Western musicians on American charts such as Billboard, they have been repeatedly overlooked.

In 2019, BTS’ art director was nominated for ‘Best Recording Package,’ and the boy band was invited as award presenters. BTS performed ‘Old Town Road’ alongside Lil Nas X at the Grammys in 2020, making them the first K-pop act to do it.

They went on to become the first K-pop artist to be nominated for ‘Best Pop Duo/Group’ at the 2021 Grammys, where they also performed ‘Dynamite.’ BTS has been nominated in the same category for the upcoming 2022 edition and will have their first solo in-person stage.

“Watch bts’ live after their grammy performance get more views than the actual award show.”

While these are all reasons to rejoice, supporters believe that the Grammys offer BTS little to no screentime, place them at the end, and give the prizes to less successful contenders while using BTS’ name to get viewers to watch the award program.

Fans have begun using the hashtag #Scammy to express their disgust. Positive ARMY, on the other hand, considers the Grammy as a stopover because the boy band is due to play at their sold-out performances in Las Vegas, at an arena larger than the location hosting the 2022 Grammys.

One fan joked, “Watch bts’ live after their grammy performance get more views than the actual award show.” Another ARMY added, “Bts is going to turn the gr4mmys into their own little concert and then armys will proceed to watch them in that same arena while they perform in a sold out stadium like it’s just another friday for them, i smile.” One fan shared, “And i have ZERO expectations from grammy this year. i know bts deserve that award 200% but they won’t give it to them.”

One tweeted, “BTS really treats Grammy as a pit stop for their stadium concert, like even if they wouldn’t win their nomination, they will still be the talk of the town for at least a month. It’s insane how BTS will always be the main character in the global music industry.”

Another pointed out how the show was using BTS’ Butter’, “BTS is up for a Grammy again this year. CBS is promoting the Grammys using the BTS song “Butter” with clips of them and other celebrities.  They will use BTS again this year, just like they did last year, to build viewers/ratings and will no doubt then snub them again.”

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