BTS To Finally Release A New Song As A Group

If you are a fan of BTS, you must be eagerly waiting for their comeback as a group. The global superstars have been busy with their individual activities and solo projects for almost a year, but they have not forgotten their loyal ARMYs who have been supporting them throughout their journey. That’s why they have prepared a special surprise for their fans: a new song that will be part of the soundtrack of an upcoming 3D action hero animation called ‘Bastions’.

According to Timos Media, a comprehensive media company that produces ‘Bestians’, BTS will participate in the sound source for the OST title song of the animation. This is the first time that BTS will release new music as a group since their last song ‘Yet To Come’ in June of 2022. The song is expected to showcase BTS’ unique style and charm, as well as their message of hope and courage for the younger generation.

‘Bestians’ is a 3D action hero animation that tells the story of newcomers who enter the hero world where popularity and competition are fierce. They have to face the villain who is behind the environmental destruction and save the earth from crisis, while also growing into true heroes. The animation features colorful characters and thrilling action scenes, as well as a strong social message about environmental issues and human values.

A visual cut video announcing the joining of BTS was released through BTS’ official SNS, ‘Bestians’ official YouTube, and homepage. The video shows BTS members posing with the main characters of ‘Bestians’, creating a cute and friendly atmosphere. The video also gives a sneak peek of BTS’ new song, which sounds upbeat and catchy.

‘Bestians’ will premiere on SBS on May 14th at 7:30 am, and will also be broadcasted worldwide through various platforms. It is expected to attract not only domestic but also international viewers, especially those who are fans of BTS and K-animation. Don’t miss this chance to watch ‘Bestians’ and listen to BTS’ new song as a group!


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