BTS Tattoo Artist Reveals Why He Won’t Be Sharing The BTS Friendship Tattoo Designs

Many band members these days are getting the same tattoos which represent their years of friendship and love for each other. BTS one of the most popular K-pop band out there is one such band whose members have gotten similar tattoos on different body parts. Their tattoo stands for their years of friendship and togetherness.

Jung Kook, V, Rm, Jimin, Suga, J-hope, and Jin all have gotten a “7” symbol tattoo which they decided to get this year. The K-pop band started in the year 2010 and made its first debut in 2013. This decade-long friendship saw all highs and lows together and made this band a huge success on an international level.

The tattoo artist from whom the BTS members have gotten Tattoos has confirmed that he won’t be making a similar tattoo for anyone again. After knowing about BTS friendship tattoos, many army fans contacted Polyc (the tattoo guy) as they wanted to get it too as their love for BTS. But Polyc has made it clear that the design won’t be sold commercially and it’s just for BTS members.

Even though he can’t sell it, he promised that he will be sharing pictures of the members’ tattoos for the fans to see it. Not selling the exact designs, is just for preserving the meaning of the long-lasting friendship which holds dear to the k-pop band members, says Polyc.

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Currently, the BTS members are focusing on their individual projects as solo artists. Previously in June, BTS announced that they are taking a break from their band to focus on their own individual careers.

Hype the company, that manages them has already confirmed that BTS is not disbanding itself. They are going to work together but currently, their focus is on solo projects of their own.

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