BTS take the top ranks in the boy group member brand reputation rankings for December

After all, this is BTS’ world, and we’re just passing through! BTS swept the top four slots on the list this month, with Jin rising to the top following a massive 182.94 percent gain in his brand reputation index from November to December, bringing his total score to 9,009,081.

‘Super Tuna,’ ‘Instagram,’ and ‘Yours’ were among the top-ranking phrases in Jin’s keyword research. Jin released the joyful trot song ‘Super Tuna’ on his birthday, and the ARMYs reacted with a special ‘Super Tuna’ challenge! BTS members also debuted their personal Instagram profiles earlier this month, with each member gaining 10 million followers in less than 24 hours! Finally, Jin sang ‘Yours,’ a poignant ballad song for tvN’s ‘Jirisan,’ starring Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon.

‘Launch,’ ‘congratulate,’ and ‘heartwarming’ were among his top-ranking linked terms. His positivity-negativity analysis revealed a positive reaction rate of 89.69 percent.

After an impressive run of 35 months at number one, Jin’s bandmate, BTS’ Jimin, claimed second place in the December rankings. His brand reputation index for the month was 8,179,443, up 58.24 percent from November.

BTS’ V came in third place on the list with a brand reputation index of 6,268,086, up 70.08 percent from last month, and BTS’ golden maknae Jungkook came in fourth with a total index of 5,650,694, up 99.93 percent.

Finally, Lee Junho of 2PM finished out the top five for December with a brand reputation index of 5,339,397, an increase of 80.76 percent over November. He’s also starring alongside Lee Se Young in MBC’s ‘The Red Sleeve,’ which has received a lot of positive comments!

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